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Top Forums Web Development Turning jQuery Code into Vue.js Post 303025678 by Neo on Friday 9th of November 2018 04:51:45 AM
Old 11-09-2018
What you propose did not change the fact it is not reactive to the JS var.

When I change vbuserId in the dev console, it it worked (was reactive), the avatar would change; but it does not change.

If the conditional in vue is from data(), computed: or from a method: all will change the value internal to Vue, but what I am trying to
do is get Vue to react to changes in the variable in the console which simulates a change outside of Vue.

IMHO, it is not related to data(), computed: or from a method directly, and there is something that needs to be added to get Vue to react (bind) to an external change outside of vue.
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Prophet::Change(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      Prophet::Change(3pm)

Prophet::Change DESCRIPTION
This class encapsulates a change to a single record in a Prophet replica. METHODS
record_type The record type for the record. record_uuid The UUID of the record being changed. change_type One of "add_file", "add_dir", "update_file", "delete". is_resolution A boolean value specifying whether this change represents a conflict resolution or not. prop_changes [@PROPCHANGES] Returns a list of Prophet::PropChanges associated with this Change. Takes an optional arrayref to fully replace the set of propchanges. has_prop_changes Returns true if this change contains any Prophet::PropChanges and false if it doesn't. new_from_conflict $conflict Takes a Prophet::Conflict object and creates a Prophet::Change object representing the conflict resolution. add_prop_change { new => __, old => ___, name => ___ } Adds a new Prophet::PropChange to this Prophet::Change. Takes a "name", and the "old" and "new" values. as_hash Returns a reference to a representation of this change as a hash. as_string ARGS Returns a string representing this change. If $args{header_callback} is specified, the string returned from passing $self to the callback is prepended to the change string before it is returned. new_from_hashref HASHREF Takes a reference to a hash representation of a change (such as is returned by "as_hash" or serialized json) and returns a new Prophet::Change representation of it. This method should be invoked as a class method, not an object method. For example: "Prophet::Change->new_from_hashref($ref_to_change_hash)" perl v5.10.1 2009-12-22 Prophet::Change(3pm)

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