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I also tried variations of this code, with no joy getting vbuserId changes in the dev console to be reactive in Vue;

Vue.prototype.$id = vbuserId;
Vue.prototype.$avatar = vbtheURL;

Vue.component("unix-navbar", {
  props: ["myid"],
  template: `<div class="neo-table-border vue-navbar">
        <div  class="vue-site-info">
                <a class="vue-site-link" :href="url">{{name}}</a>
              <div id="avatar"  v-html="theavatar" @click="OpenMemberPanel()"></div>

  data() {
    return {
      name: "The UNIX and Linux Forums",
      url: ""
  computed: {
    theavatar: function() {
      if ( > 0)
        return '<img id="avatar-img" src="' + this.$avatar + '"></img>';
      else return '<i id="avatar-icon" class="fas fa-user"></span>';
    id: function() {
      return this.$id;
  methods: {
    OpenMemberPanel() {
      if ( > 0) openMemberPanel();
      else openLogin();

var vm = new Vue({
  el: "#vue-navbar"

Tried various Vue.nextTick() and other Vue methods, but no joy either. And also tried many variations of:

vm.$el.myid = vbuserId;
vm.myid = vbuserId;

adding [ICODE]myid[/ICODE ]to data() in the component, but no joy.

Again, I must be missing something very basic in Vue Smilie

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JOY(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    JOY(4)

joy -- joystick device driver SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device joy Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): joy_load="YES" In /boot/device.hints:"isa""0x201""isa""0x201" #include <sys/joystick.h> DESCRIPTION
The joystick device driver allows applications to read the status of the PC joystick. This device may be opened by only one process at a time. The joystick status is read from a structure via a read() call. The structure is defined in the header file as follows: struct joystick { int x; /* x position */ int y; /* y position */ int b1; /* button 1 status */ int b2; /* button 2 status */ }; Positions are typically in the range 0-2000. One line perl example: perl -e 'open(JOY,"/dev/joy0")||die;while(1) {sysread(JOY,$x,16);@j=unpack("iiii",$x);print "@j ";sleep(1);}' ioctl calls Several ioctl() calls are also available. They take an argument of type int * JOY_SETTIMEOUT int *limit Set the time limit (in microseconds) for reading the joystick status. Setting a value too small may prevent to get correct values for the positions (which are then set to -2147483648), however this can be useful if one is only interested by the buttons status. JOY_GETTIMEOUT int *limit Get the time limit (in microseconds) used for reading the joystick status. JOY_SET_X_OFFSET int *offset Set the value to be added to the X position when reading the joystick status. JOY_SET_Y_OFFSET int *offset Set the value to be added to the Y position when reading the joystick status. JOY_GET_X_OFFSET int *offset Get the value which is added to the X position when reading the joystick status. JOY_GET_Y_OFFSET int *offset Get the value which is added to the Y position when reading the joystick status. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
The pinout of the DB-15 connector is as follow: 1 XY1 (+5v) 2 Switch 1 3 X1 (potentiometer #1) 4 Switch 1 (GND) 5 Switch 2 (GND) 6 Y1 (potentiometer #2) 7 Switch 2 8 N.C. 9 XY2 (+5v) 10 Switch 4 11 X2 (potentiometer #3) 12 Switch 3&4 (GND) 13 Y2 (potentiometer #4) 14 Switch 3 15 N.C. Pots are normally 0-150k variable resistors (0-100k sometimes), and according to the IBM technical reference, the time is given by Time = 24.2e-6s + 0.011e-6s * R/Ohms FILES
/dev/joy? joystick device files HISTORY
The joy driver appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.5. AUTHORS
Jean-Marc Zucconi <> BSD
January 23, 1995 BSD

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