Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems Further to my query re: failed attempt to change email address on existing account Post 303023511 by irb on Tuesday 18th of September 2018 12:27:45 PM
Further to my query re: failed attempt to change email address on existing account

Thanks for your reply to my original post, entitled "Problem changing the email address associated with my account".
I am unable to reply to you in that thread, as I am unable to log-on to!
From what you said about purging dormant accounts, it is likely that my account belongs in that category.
I will create a new account, as you have suggested.
If it is feasible, could I ask you to delete my exiting account, please?
My username is 'irb'.
Thank you.
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LedgerSMB::DBObject::Account(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			 LedgerSMB::DBObject::Account(3pm)

LedgerSMB::DBObject::Account - Base class for chart of accounts entries SYNOPSYS
This class contains methods for managing chart of accounts entries (headings and accounts). INERITS
save() This method saves the chart of accounts entry. The hash component of the object may contain an id attribute, used to overwrite an account if that one exists. Hash entries Used: id: (optional): If set, overwrite existing account. accno: the text used to specify the account number description: Text to describe the account category: A = asset, L = liability, Q = Equity, I = Income, E = expense gifi_accno: The GIFI account entry control code heading: (Optional) The integer representing the desired contra: If true, the account balances on the opposite side. tax: If true, is a tax account link: a list of strings representing text box identifier. get() This method gets a chart of accounts entry. It requires that the $account->{id} value must be properly set. check_transactions() Returns true if the account has transactions, false if not. Also sets the $account->{has_transactions} value to the return value. $account->{id} must be set. is_recon Returns true if is set up for reconciliation. False otherwise. delete() Attempts to delete the account. This will NOT succeed if the account is referenced in any way by any transactions, credit accounts, etc. $account->{id} must be set. list() Returns a list of all accounts. generate_links() A mostly-private method for generating and checking whether link data is valid. This is usually done (automatically) in preparation for saving the information to the database. list_headings Returns a list of account_heading's. No inputs required. SEE ALSO
LedgerSMB::DBObject, LedgerSMB COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2009, the LedgerSMB Core Team. This is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2, or at your option any later version. Please see the accompanying License.txt for more information. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-25 LedgerSMB::DBObject::Account(3pm)

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