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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Update on UNIX.COM Site Upgrades (Desktop) Post 303021202 by Neo on Monday 6th of August 2018 09:04:08 AM
Old 08-06-2018
Originally Posted by Neo
This post is about the "Desktop" view, not "Mobile' ...

But, I still have not solved one of the original problems (the original sin) which is the fact that the CSS overflow function does not work for the bbcode pre tags, and so the scroll bar is currently for the entire post (wrong) and not for the text in the code tags.

I am pretty sure this problem happens because of how the original site uses table tags for each post; so I'm going to have to redesign all the posts to use only div tags without table tags (except for the small drop down / pop up menus).

There seems no way to get around this very boring and "not easy" part of the project, so I think I'll start on this in the next phase.

Basically, I think I'll create a new postbit template which on my user id will see, so when I fat finger some CSS or other make an error, only I will see the error, but you will only see the normal site.

Then, when we think I have it working OK, I'll make it live for testing.....

Thanks again.
I have fixed this problem... YAY!

Posts Converted to Divs - Overflow Works - Now Testing
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pfstag(1)						      General Commands Manual							 pfstag(1)

pfstag - Set or remove tags to/from pfs stream SYNOPSIS
pfstag [--set [channel:]name=value] [--remove [channel:]name] DESCRIPTION
Use this command to set or remove tags from the pfs-stream. Tags are used to add additional information to pfs frames and they are in the format: 'name=value'. To learn more about tags, read 'Specification of the PFS File Format'. Tags are set/removed to/from all pfs frames in the stream. Note that currently only OpenEXR file format supports tags. OPTIONS
--set [channel:]name=value], -s [channel:]name=value], --add [channel:]name=value] Change existing or add a new tag of the given name. If no channel is given, tags are added to the frame. --remove [channel:]name], -r [channel:]name] Remove tag of the given name. Ignore if the tag does not exist. If no channel is given, tags are removed from the frame. EXAMPLES
pfsin memorial.hdr | pfstag --add "EXTRA_INFO=foo" | pfsout memorial_ei.exr Add tag "EXTRA_INFO=foo" to the memorial image and save it as memorial_ei.exr. SEE ALSO
pfsin(1) pfsout(1) BUGS
Please report bugs and comments to Rafal Mantiuk <>. pfstag(1)

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