Full Discussion: BSD for PDP-11/34a?
Operating Systems BSD BSD for PDP-11/34a? Post 303018168 by xenix on Wednesday 30th of May 2018 04:37:10 PM
BSD for PDP-11/34a?

In the process of restoring a few DEC PDP-11/34's (34a, and 34). Curious what BSD versions will run on the 34 (if any).

It looks like 1BSD or 2BSD might run on it, but not sure. Curious if anyone knows, or has done this.
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FPA(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    FPA(4)

fpa, fea, fta -- DEC FDDI interface driver SYNOPSIS
fpa* at pci? dev ? function ? fea* at eisa? slot ? alpha and pmax fta* at tc? slot ? offset ? DESCRIPTION
Cards supported by the fpa, fea and fta device driver are: DEFPA DEC PCI FDDI Controller DEFEA DEC EISA FDDI Controller DEFTA DEC TURBOchannel FDDI Controller respectively. All variants of either controller are supported including the DAS and SAS configurations. DIAGNOSTICS
fea%d: error: desired IRQ of %d does not match device's actual IRQ (%d) The device probe detected that the DEFEA board is configured for a different interrupt than the one specified in the kernel configuration file. fea%d: error: memory not enabled! ECU reconfiguration required The device probe found that no device memory had been configured on the DEFEA. The DEFEA can be configured with no device memory, this driver requires a minimum of 1K device memory be set up. The ECU (EISA Con- figuration Utility) will need to be run to change the settings. SEE ALSO
arp(4), netintro(4), ifconfig(8) AUTHORS
The fpa, fea and fta device driver and manual page were written by Matt Thomas. BUGS
Normally, the device driver will not enable the reception of SMT frames. However if the IFF_LINK1 flag is set, the device driver will enable the reception of SMT frames and pass them up to the Berkeley Packet Filter for processing. BSD
March 13, 1995 BSD

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