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Mounted and unmounted


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Mounted and unmounted.
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Welcome khaled_ly84,

There are several large chunks of work here and much that we don't know from the limited description. I'm afraid that I have questions for them all.

Install Oracle database:
  • Do you need to install the Oracle software?
  • Is the Oracle DB software installed and you need to create an instance?
  • Is there an instance that you need to create a schema in?

Create filesystem
  • Do you have more than one volume group? (Use command lsvg to see if there's more than rootvg displayed)
  • Do you need to create a mirrored filesystem (simple local disk) or not (some other hardware protection, e.g. RAID or a SAN provided)

Install OS patches
  • Do you have a subscription to the IBM site to download patches?
  • What is your current OS version. Something like oslevel -s might help here, but I can't be sure on the syntax.

Before we know a bit more, I'd be worried about proceeding.

Kind regards,