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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Move a LUN from one server to the other Post 303013180 by fretagi on Friday 16th of February 2018 10:20:22 AM
the sys admin of that server, have configured 450G LUN and in there it was installed the operating system. That LUN of 450G is part of internal disks of the server.
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ssssssssssss (0 Replies)
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iobind(1M)																iobind(1M)

iobind - bind a driver to a device SYNOPSIS
The command may be used to perform online unbinding of a device LUN hardware path from its current driver and binding a new driver to it. As part of the binding operation, the specified driver will be bound to the LUN hardware path and also to its corresponding legacy hardware paths. The hardware path specified as the argument to the option must be of the form 64000/0x/0x. The driver name specified with the option will be bound to the LUN and legacy hardware paths. The optional option specifies an instance number to be assigned to the device associated with the hardware path. If this option is not used, the device will be assigned a new instance number in the new driver's class. The optional forces the binding to occur at the next reboot if it cannot be done online. The device must not be in use while the unbind operation is performed. The driver must support online unbinding and binding. If either of these requirements is false and the option is not given, the user will be asked if the binding can take effect at the next reboot. The user is given the option to proceed or not. If a driver supports online unbinding and binding, then after completes, a device will have one of the following software states as shown by the command: The specified driver was successfully bound to the hardware path. The specified driver cannot be used to claim the hardware at the specified hardware path. The device at the address is responding, but it is in an error state. The device at the specified hardware path is no longer responding. The specified hardware path is locked. Try again later. The driver failed. Options recognizes the following options: Force the binding even though a driver does not support online unbinding and binding or the device is in use. In this case, the binding will take effect at the next reboot. The LUN hardware path of a device must be of the form 64000/0x/0x. The instance number to be assigned to the device. The name of the driver that the LUN and legacy hardware paths are to be bound to. RETURN VALUE
Exit values are: Successful completion. An error condition occurred. EXAMPLES
Unbind the driver bound to the device at hardware path and bind the device to Use the default instance number of the driver's class. Unbind the driver bound to the device at hardware path and bind the device to Assign it the instance number Do a forced binding. If the driver does not support online binding or the device is busy, the binding will be deferred till next reboot. WARNINGS
The and commands should not be run at the same time because both commands attempt to bind drivers. In particular, there may be a short window while will leave a hardware path unbound. If runs during that window, it may bind a different driver to that hardware path. If this happens, must be executed again to bind the desired driver. may be executed only by the superuser. SEE ALSO
ioscan(1M), intro(7). iobind(1M)

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