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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Move a LUN from one server to the other Post 303013122 by bakunin on Thursday 15th of February 2018 09:58:31 AM
Originally Posted by fretagi
I can see the new LUN when running fdisk:
fdisk -l | egrep '^Disk' | egrep -v 'dm-' | grep -v identifier
Disk /dev/sda doesn't contain a valid partition table
Disk /dev/cciss/c0d0: 450.0 GB, 450064605184 bytes
Disk /dev/sda: 32.2 GB, 32212254720 bytes

so I think the new LUN is /dev/sda
I don't think this is the same LUN because otherwise you would see the filesystems/partitions/whatever on it. Notice that LUNs have an identifier (the so-called "WWN" and you can identify it by this. Use your HBAs driver software to find out the WWNs of your attached disks.

Notice also that there is the "zoning" which has to be correct: basically zoning is somewhat analogous to firewall rules: each partner (the LUN, the HBA, the fabrics port) has an identifying WWPN (World Wide Port Number) and you create a rule that says WWPN A (your adapter) is allowed to connect to WWPN B (the LUN) and vice versa. If the LUN was part of a different system before you perhaps need to change this rule to make it visible to the new system (or, more precisely, to its FC adapter). Your storage administrator should be able to explain the intrinsics to you in more detail.

I hope this helps.

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sg_emc_trespass - change ownership of SCSI LUN from another Service-Processor to this one SYNOPSIS
sg_emc_trespass [-d] [-hr] [-s] [-V] DEVICE DESCRIPTION
sg_emc_trespass sends an EMC-specific Trespass Command to the DEVICE with the selected options. This Mode Select changes the ownership of the LUN of the device from another Service-Processor to the one the command was received on. OPTIONS
Arguments to long options are mandatory for short options as well. -d outputs some extra debug information associated with executing this command -hr Sets the 'Honor Reservation' bit in the command. If set, the trespass will only succeed to change the ownership from the Peer SP if the Peer SP does not have an outstanding SCSI reservation for the LUN. By default, the reservation state will be ignored. -s Send the short version of the trespass command instead of the long version. The short version is supported on the EMC FC5300, FC4500 and FC4700. The long version (default) is supported on the CLARiiON CX and AX family arrays. -V print out version string then exit. In the 2.4 series of Linux kernels the DEVICE must be a SCSI generic (sg) device. In the 2.6 series block devices (e.g. SCSI disks and DVD drives) can also be specified. For example "sg_start 0 /dev/sda" will work in the 2.6 series kernels. EXIT STATUS
The exit status of sg_emc_trespass is 0 when it is successful. Otherwise see the sg3_utils(8) man page. AUTHOR
Written by Lars Marowsky-Bree, based on sg_start. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2004-2012 Lars Marowsky-Bree, Douglas Gilbert. This software is distributed under the GPL version 2. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PUR- POSE. sg3_utils-1.35 December 2012 SG_EMC_TRESPASS(8)

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