Operating Systems HP-UX Display SAM user list at the command line Post 303011999 by vbe on Saturday 27th of January 2018 10:29:09 AM
SAM logs its activities, did you go and have a look what you can find there?
That's what I used to do when I had HP-UX boxes, and wanted to batch script thing I did using SAM...
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asadmin-list-audit-modules(1AS) 				   User Commands				   asadmin-list-audit-modules(1AS)

asadmin-list-audit-modules, list-audit-modules - lists all the audit-modules SYNOPSIS
list-audit-modules --user admin_user [--password admin_password] [--host localhost] [--port 4848] [--secure|-s] [--passwordfile filename] [--terse=false] [--echo=false] [--interactive=true] Lists all the audit modules. This command is supported in remote mode only. OPTIONS
--user authorized domain application server administrative username. --password password to administer the domain application server. --host machine name where the domain application server is running. --port port number of the domain application server listening for administration requests. --secure if true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the domain application server. --passwordfile file containing the domain application server password. --terse indicates that any output data must be very concise, typically avoiding human-friendly sentences and favoring well- formatted data for consumption by a script. Default is false. --echo setting to true will echo the command line statement on the standard output. Default is false. --interactive if set to true (default), only the required password options are prompted. Example 1: Using list-audit-modules asadmin> list-audit-modules --user admin1 --password adminadmin1 --host pigeon --port 5001 Command list-audit-modules executed successfully EXIT STATUS
0 command executed successfully 1 error in executing the command asadmin-create-audit-module(1AS), asadmin-delete-audit-module(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-list-audit-modules(1AS)

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