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Ufsrestore on SunBlade 2500

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Ufsrestore on SunBlade 2500.
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Old 01-12-2018
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Yes, it should look pretty much like the original machine, except if the device nodes are different on this new hardware.

For example, if the original system root device is c0t0d0s0 but on the clone it is c2t0d0s0, then you need to edit that. Same with other filesystems such as /usr.

In /etc/vfstab (that's /a/etc/vfstab when booted from DVD) you should easily pick out the device to be mounted on '/' (root) and the device to be mounted on /usr. You can tell from running 'format' whilst in single user node which disk and which slice any particular filesystem is on.

So first question is: Are they different???

If yes, then there might be other things to do too.
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