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Full Discussion: sed within awk statement
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed within awk statement Post 303010895 by Corona688 on Tuesday 9th of January 2018 01:48:15 PM
Old 01-09-2018
What have you tried?

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if and sed statement

this is my output for my crawler. /about.html /ads/ /advanced_search?hl=en /imghp?hl=en&tab=wi&ie=UTF-8 /intl/en/options/ /language_tools?hl=en /maphp?hl=en&tab=wl&ie=UTF-8... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: chris1234
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2. Shell Programming and Scripting

Variables within a sed statement

I am just wondering if it's possible to refer to variables within a sed statement as follows:- cat $file | sed -e 1's/$oldtext/$newtext/' > $file as when I run the script, the variables are not recognised and nothing happens..?? Thanks (5 Replies)
Discussion started by: sirtrancealot
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

sed remove statement

I am having some problems with sed, that I am hoping that I can get some assistance with. I am trying to remove two subsets of a string, and cannot figure out how to have it work. Here is an example string: auth_ldap authenticate: user joe authentication failed; URI /svn/ I want to... (4 Replies)
Discussion started by: Guyverix
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

sed / grep / for statement performance - please help

I'm searching the most effective way of doing the following task, so if someone can either provide a working solution with sed or one totally different but more effective then what I've got so far then please go ahead! The debugme directory has 3 subdirectorys and each of them has one .txt file... (7 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

A complex sed statement

I have following requirement. Say, my text file contains following patterns {2010501005|XXGpvertex|9|0|17|0|{|{30100001|XXparameter_set|@@@@{{30001002|XXparameter|!prototype_path|$AB_COMPONENTS/Sort/Sort.mpc|3|2|Pf$|@{0|}} }}@0|@315000|78500|335000|99000|114000|87000|17|And the Sort|Ab... (8 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Use awk/sed/grep with goto statement!

Hi, I have an array with characters and I am looking for specific character in that array and if those specific character not found than I use goto statment which is define somehwhere in the script. My code is: set a = (A B C D E F) @ i = 0 while ($i <= ${#a}) if ($a != "F" || $a != "D")... (3 Replies)
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

Awk/sed problem to write Db insertion statement

Hi There, I am trying to load data from a csv file into a DB during our DB migration phase. I am successfully able export all data into a .csv file but those have to rewritten in terms insert statement which will allow for further population of same data in different DB My exiting csv record... (6 Replies)
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

If else statement in sed

Hello Guys, I am new here and this is my first post, hope someone can help me I am writing a script that is supposed to go in 9 different directories and edit a given file in each of the directories. I am using sed to edit the file as sed -i 'line# s/#to be changed/#to be replaced with/... (5 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Convert Update statement into Insert statement in UNIX using awk, sed....

Hi folks, I have a scenario to convert the update statements into insert statements using shell script (awk, sed...) or in database using regex. I have a bunch of update statements with all columns in a file which I need to convert into insert statements. UPDATE TABLE_A SET COL1=1 WHERE... (0 Replies)
Discussion started by: dev123
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

awk statement piped inside sed

Hello folks, I have multiple occurrences of the pattern: ).: where is any digit, in various text context but the pattern is unique as this regex. And I need to turn this decimal fraction into an integer (corresponding percent value: the range of 0-100). What I'm doing is: cat... (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: roussine
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which-pkg-broke(1)						  debian-goodies						which-pkg-broke(1)

which-pkg-broke - find which package might have broken another SYNOPSIS
which-pkg-broke package DESCRIPTION
The which-pkg-broke program will retrieve a list of the named package and all its dependencies sorted by the time they were installed on the system (as determined from the mtime information of /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list . This tool makes it possible for a system admin to obtain information that might correlate installation of package dependencies with a pack- age breakage in order to find which package update might be responsible for the breakage. EXAMPLES
This tool can be useful determine which package dependencies were upgraded more recently and might be associated with the bug that is being observed. For example, if aptitude stops working properly, an administrator can run: $ which-pkg-broke aptitude Package <libapt-pkg-libc6.3-5-3.3> has no install time info libdb1-compat Fri Aug 8 03:02:11 2003 libsigc++-1.2-5c102 Fri Aug 8 05:15:58 2003 aptitude Sun Jan 11 17:38:06 2004 libncurses5 Sun Jan 18 08:11:05 2004 libc6 Thu Jan 22 07:55:10 2004 libgcc1 Tue Jan 27 07:37:22 2004 gcc-3.3-base Tue Jan 27 07:37:31 2004 libstdc++5 Tue Jan 27 07:37:32 2004 So depending on exactly when the misbehaviour started, there may be a reason to point the finger at a more-recently updated library like libstdc++ or libncurses, which are more-recently installed than aptitude itself. SEE ALSO
rc-alert(1) AUTHOR
which-pkg-broke was written by Bill Gribble <grib AT> This manual page was written by Javier Fernandez-Sanguino for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. debian-goodies July 24 2006 which-pkg-broke(1)

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