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Full Discussion: sed within awk statement
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed within awk statement Post 303010891 by sagar_1986 on Tuesday 9th of January 2018 01:24:08 PM
Old 01-09-2018
sed within awk statement


| Jan 8 2018 11:28PM| 24 | 75 | 51 | 1 | 1.600|
| Jan 8 2018 12:01PM| 52 | 823 | 21 | 6 | 2.675|

desired output

Jan-8-2018-11:28PM     24     75     51     1     1.600
Jan-8-2018-12:01PM     52     823   21     6     2.675

Dear friends,

I have input file , as shown above and I want to convert it into output, as shown above.
kindly let me know how to use sed command inside awk statement so that changes can be made.

the output is text file and output is to be aligned or formatted as table.

As this input file is received from MySQL query, and when it is converted to .csv file some columns file format gets changed ( column 2 and 3 are treated as general and is shown in decimal but they are numbers). Hence is it possible to set column format in unix for .csv file , so that I will not need it to save as .txt and can directly saved as .csv with ","separated file

thanks in advance

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MU-CFIND(1)                                                   General Commands Manual                                                  MU-CFIND(1)

mu_cfind - find contacts in the mu database and export them for use in other programs. SYNOPSIS
mu cfind [options] [<pattern>] DESCRIPTION
mu cfind is the mu command for finding contacts (name and e-mail address of people who were either sender or receiver of mail). There are different output formats available, for importing the contacts into other programs. SEARCHING CONTACTS
When you index your messages (see mu index), mu creates a list of unique e-mail addresses found and the accompanying name. In case the same e-mail address is used with different names, the most recent non-empty name is used. mu cfind starts a search for contacts that match a regular expression. For example: $ mu cfind '' would find all contacts with a gmail-address, while $ mu cfind Mary would find all contact with Mary in either name or e-mail address. If you do not specify any search expression, mu cfind will return the full list of contacts. The regular expressions are Perl-compatible (as per the PCRE-library). OPTIONS
--format=plain|mutt-alias|mutt-ab|wl|org-contact|bbdb|csv sets the output format to the given value. The following are available: | --format= | description | |-------------+-----------------------------------| | plain | default, simple list | | mutt-alias | mutt alias-format | | mutt-ab | mutt external address book format | | wl | wanderlust addressbook format | | org-contact | org-mode org-contact format | | bbdb | BBDB format | | csv | comma-separated values | RETURN VALUE
mu cfind returns 0 upon successful completion -- that is, at least one contact was found. Anything else leads to a non-zero return value, for example: | code | meaning | |------+--------------------------------| | 0 | ok | | 1 | general error | | 2 | no matches (for 'mu cfind') | INTEGRATION WITH MUTT
You can use mu cfind as an external address book server for mutt. For this to work, add the following to your muttrc: set query_command = "mu cfind --format=mutt-ab '%s'" Now, in mutt, you can easily search for e-mail address using the query-command, which is (by default) accessible by pressing Q. ENCODING
mu cfind output is encoded according to the current locale except for --format=bbdb. This is hard-coded to UTF-8, and as such specified in the output-file, so emacs/bbdb can handle it correctly without guessing. BUGS
Please report bugs if you find them at AUTHOR
Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <> SEE ALSO
mu(1) mu-index(1) mu-find(1) pcrepattern(3) User Manuals May 2011 MU-CFIND(1)

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