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LDOM Solaris 11 add Network vsw (Virtual switch)


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LDOM Solaris 11 add Network vsw (Virtual switch).
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Old 12-11-2017
Do not create vlan interface (dladm create-vlan ..).
Delete that interface.

If using VLAN tagging add the virtual switch in this manner :
ldm add-vsw net-dev=net0 pvid=1, vid=503 <human_name>-vsw0 primary

Then add tagged interface into guest domain :
ldm add-vnet pvid=503 vnet0 <human_name>-vsw0 madarrwebsol10

This way, tagging will be done by hypervisor vnet/vsw, not inside guest domain.
Guest domain will be in VLAN 503 exclusively.

Good practice would be to aggregate all four network ports into one aggr0 then use that for as net-dev.
You will get redundancy in case of failure, as well as combined bandwidth of 4 network ports.

Also, on that aggregated interface specify as many VLAN ids that are used in your environment when creating VSW.
The switch network ports should be configured as trunk.

Hope that helps