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Special Forums Hardware Filesystems, Disks and Memory Faster way: SAN hd to SAN hd copying Post 303007628 by rino19ny on Sunday 19th of November 2017 03:30:23 AM
Old 11-19-2017
coz i want to keep the links, permissions, owners, etc.

old school way. so i was wondering if nowadays there are better ways specially if a SAN storage is involved (as opposed to physical hd to hd).

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norewind_close_disabled(5)					File Formats Manual					norewind_close_disabled(5)

norewind_close_disabled - determine whether access to tape device special files without the no-rewind-on-close option is allowed VALUES
Default Allowed values DESCRIPTION
Note: this tunable was named in releases prior to HP-UX 11i v3. This tunable notifies the tape driver whether it should allow access to device special files without the no-rewind-on-close option. When this tunable is on, the tape driver will fail any open on a tape device special file that does not have the no-rewind-on-close option (that is, or with a status of The tunable allows the safe sharing of tape devices in SAN tape backup solution configurations. The disabling of device special files without no-rewind-on-close in a SAN tape backup solution configuration prevents the accidental sending of a rewind command on close from HP-UX systems via standard tape commands like which would corrupt a backup in process. Who Is Expected to Change This Tunable? Anyone. Restrictions on Changing Changes to this tunable take effect immediately. When Should the Tunable Be Turned On? This tunable should be turned on if the system is going to be used in a SAN tape backup solution configuration. What Are the Side Effects of Turning the Tunable On? The tape driver will fail any open to a tape device special file that does not have the no-rewind-on-close option with a status of This behavior prevents the usage of any tape device special file without the no-rewind-on-close option. When Should the Tunable Be Turned Off? This tunable should be turned off if the system is not part of a SAN tape backup solution configuration or the system utilizes will not function unless it has access to device special files without the no-rewind-on-close option. What Are the Side Effects of Turning the Tunable Off? A rewind may be issued accidentally from this system on close, possibly corrupting a backup being issued from another system on the SAN. What Other Tunables Should Be Changed at the Same Time? None. EXAMPLES
Query the current value of the tunable: Set the value of the tunable to To save the value of the tunable across reboots: WARNINGS
All HP-UX kernel tunable parameters are release specific. This parameter may be removed or have its meaning changed in future releases of HP-UX. Installation of optional kernel software, from HP or other vendors, may cause changes to tunable parameter values. After installation, some tunable parameters may no longer be at the default or recommended values. For information about the effects of installation on tun- able values, consult the documentation for the kernel software being installed. For information about optional kernel software that was factory installed on your system, see at AUTHOR
was developed by Hewlett-Packard. SEE ALSO
scsi_tape(7), scsimgr_estape(7). Tunable Kernel Parameters norewind_close_disabled(5)

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