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Not sure if this has been discussed before - but how about using a symbolic link or a directory for the semaphore file? touch doesn't care if a file exists or not, but both ln -s or mkdir check and create the respective object in one atomic operation. Check the exit code and proceed on success or terminate on error.
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Awk's built-in variables include the field variables: $1, $2, $3, and so on ($0 represents the entire record).
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sleep command

If I give sleep(50) what does it mean? My program waits for further execution or all my other processes wait? (3 Replies)
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Sleep Command

I am in need of some help; think I have confused myself. Here is the issue I am faced with. The script log file was fine, the nohup.out file has tens of thousands of lines like illegal use of sleep: sleep seconds So I assume there is something with the seconds calculation in the script... (1 Reply)
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sleep command

Hi All I have a requiremnt to run a script inside another script. here i am pulling the record count from the table in oracle.If record count is greater than 0 the script is executed.The scripts updates the count in the table and again the count is found out and the condition is checked and same... (3 Replies)
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sleep command

Hi, Did the sleep command work for hours or only minutes just give description to work on my script waiting for the earliest response (5 Replies)
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Help with sleep command

sleep 10 & Is this the write line of command to suspend 5 jobs for 10 minutes (6 Replies)
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sleep command off by a second

Hi Forum Im using sleep in a while loop goes around 10 times. i feed it a variable with the time i what it to sleep for eg sleep $sleepVal and then print system date and time to screen but sometimes 1 second is added to the time why is this here my code sleepVal=5 while do ... (3 Replies)
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Sleep command

Hi All, i am very new to shall script . i am not that much aware of sleep command , i want to terminate the sleep command after certain time. following is my code. while loop sleep 1800 messag=/status.sql donethe script will be on sleep untill the messag be comes P. here my requirement... (4 Replies)
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Sleep Command

Hello, Need a little help with the script below. I can't get it to sleep :( I'm trying to get this to check if the process is running and if it is, wait 10 secs and check again. Keep doing this until it's not running and then stop checking and send the email. #!/bin/ksh mailto=`cat... (2 Replies)
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Help with sleep command:

Hi Frnz, I need to execute sleep command but i dont know the definite time. Let me put my req: I am running one shell script and this script creates some lock file in temp dir ...now in my script i want one function to go into sleep mode till this lock file exists..one lock file gone that... (6 Replies)
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Sleep command

I need help in script. I want my one script execute every time at 6:30 am and i have no cron access. So i am putting sleep command there , Script may took half an hour 35 min , it depend upon queries how much it take time, but that is not issue, So i want according to stop time of... (15 Replies)
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GONG(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   GONG(1)

gong - evaluate process performance SYNOPSIS
gong [-f] [-a] process-id DESCRIPTION
Gong is used to evaluate the performance of a process that is in execution. The process-id is the process number of the process whose performance is to be evaluated. The evaluation is performed by a set of three ``panelist'' routines, each of which analyzes one aspect (time, space, and tonality) of the performance of the process. If any of these routines is not amused by the performance, the process being analyzed is sent the gong(2) signal. In addition, the process-id of the eval- uated process is written on the standard gong, for possible future corrective action. (It is suggested that the standard gong be an audi- ble alarm for proper effect.) It is expected that after being gong(2)ed, the process will promptly commit suicide. The -f keyletter argument indicates that gong is to invoke flog(1) with the unmerciful argument if the process does not respond to gong(2)ing. In the absence of this argument, the process is continuously gong(2)ed, which may lead to the process becoming a deaf zombie. The -a keyletter argument indicates that if all three of the panelist routines gong(2) a process, the process should be unmercifully flog(1)ged whether or not the -f keyletter is supplied. FILES
/dev/ding.dong is the standard gong. SEE ALSO
On the Applicability of Gonging to the Performance and Merit Review Process, Journal of Irreproducible Results, vol. 263, issue 19, pp. 253-307. BUGS
If the named process does not exist, it is possible that gong will attempt an evaluation of itself, which may lead to a condition known as compounded double ringing (see echo(1)). Therefore, it is recommended that gong be used with extreme care. GONG(1)

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