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Operating Systems Linux Debian Standardizing the time in the script Post 303000426 by anaigini45 on Wednesday 12th of July 2017 06:35:54 AM
Standardizing the time in the script


I have created a script to generate a report 3 times every month.
Part of the script transfers files from one directory to the other.
These files span from a certain time range, like from the 2nd onwards, 8th onwards, and 16th onwards.
Therefore, for the first report of the month, if the team requests to start generating the report on the 4th, then I will have to copy files dated 2nd of the month to 4th of the month to another directory.

This is the command I use to transfer the file; eg for Jun :

mkdir -p /var/log/exim4/$YEAR/$DIR1
find . -type f -name 'mainlog.*' -newermt "Jun 2, 2017" ! -newermt "Jun 4, 2017" -exec cp {} $YEAR/$DIR1/ \;

What if I want this pattern every month? How and what do I substitute Jun 2, 2017 and Jun 4, 2017 with?

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I know that we can use the -d option for date to display time described by STRING, not `now'.

Is it possible to use this option to display the date as 2nd of the month every month?

Example using this option :
date +"%Y-%m-%d" -d "8 days ago"

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BB-REP.CGI(1)						      General Commands Manual						     BB-REP.CGI(1)

bb-rep.cgi - CGI front-end to bbgen reporting SYNOPSIS
bb-rep.cgi [--noclean] [bbgen-options] DESCRIPTION
bb-rep.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the CGI wrapper. It triggers the generation of a Xymon availability report for the timeperiod specified by the CGI paramaters. bb-rep.cgi is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with the following parameters: start-mon (Start month of the report) start-day (Start day-of-month of the report) start-yr (Start year of the report) end-mon (End month of the report) end-day (End day-of-month of the report) end-yr (End year of the report) style (Report style) The following non-standard parameters are handled by the bbgen version of bb-rep.cgi: suburl (Page in report to go to, if not the top page) The "month" parameters must be specified as the three-letter english month name abbreviation: Jan, Feb, Mar ... Start- and end-days are in the range 1..31; the start- and end-year must be specified including century (e.g. "2003"). End-times beyond the current time are silently replaced with the current time. The generated report will include data for the start- and end-days, i.e. the report will begin at 00:00:00 of the start-day, and end at 23:59:59 of the end-day. The "style" parameter is passed directly to bbgen(1) and should be "crit", "non-crit" or "all". Other values result in undefined behaviour. All of the processing involved in generating the report is done by invoking bbgen(1) with the proper "--reportopts" option. OPTIONS
--noclean Do not clean the BBREP directory of old reports. Makes the report-tool go a bit faster - instead, you can clean up the BBREP direc- tory e.g. via a cron-job. --env=FILENAME Load the environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI. bbgen-options All other options passed to bb-rep.cgi are passed on to the bbgen(1) program building the report files. FILES
$BBHOME/web/report_header HTML template header for the report request form $BBHOME/web/report_footer HTML template footer for the report request form $BBHOME/web/report_form HTML template report request form ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
BBGENREPOPTS bbgen options passed by default to the bb-rep.cgi. This happens in the wrapper. BBHOME Home directory of the Xymon server installation BBREP Directory where generated reports are stored. This directory must be writable by the userid executing the CGI script, typically "www", "apache" or "nobody". Default: $BBHOME/www/rep/ BBREPURL The URL prefix to use when accessing the reports via a browser. Default: $BBWEB/rep SEE ALSO
bbgen(1), bb-hosts(5), hobbitserver.cfg(5) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 BB-REP.CGI(1)

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