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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Remove line breaks and extra spaces Post 302999585 by Scott on Thursday 22nd of June 2017 07:16:29 PM

use warnings;
use 5.18.0;

use IO::File;

my $fh = IO::File->new( "< file.txt" );

undef $/;

my $t = <$fh>;
$t =~ s/\n\s//g;

print $t;

close $fh;

array([ 0.03015278,  0.02738889,  0.0125    ,  0.00875   ,  0.00736806,0.00672917,  0.00763889,  0.01044444,  0.01178472,  0.01470139,0.02020833,  0.03288194,  0.05940278,  0.03489583,  0.01829167,0.01255556,  0.00811111,  0.00670139,  0.00543056,  0.00570139,0.00616667,  0.00821528,  0.01138889,  0.02573611,  0.03044444,0.57640972]),
array([ 0.03372518,  0.03230408,  0.00867816,  0.00548067,  0.00434692,0.00423197,  0.00397074,  0.0049373 ,  0.00669279,  0.01053292,0.0149373 ,  0.02205329,  0.03096134,  0.01904389,  0.009279  ,0.00683386,  0.00335946,  0.00386102,  0.00250261,  0.0030303 ,0.00272727,  0.00426332,  0.00734587,  0.03399164,  0.05005747,0.67085162]),
array([ 0.035     ,  0.03807317,  0.01169512,  0.00759146,  0.00479878,0.00514634,  0.0037378 ,  0.00606707,  0.00528049,  0.00892683,0.00631707,  0.01397561,  0.01756098,  0.0159939 ,  0.00477439,0.00714024,  0.00343293,  0.00530488,  0.00282927,  0.00380488,0.00390854,  0.00551829,  0.00696951,  0.03689634,  0.0427439 ,0.6965122 ]),

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array geoip_region_by_name (string $hostname) DESCRIPTION
The geoip_region_by_name(3) function will return the country and region corresponding to a hostname or an IP address. This function is currently only available to users who have bought a commercial GeoIP Region Edition. A warning will be issued if the proper database cannot be located. The names of the different keys of the returning associative array are as follows: o "country_code" -- Two letter country code (see geoip_country_code_by_name(3)) o "region" -- The region code (ex: CA for California) PARAMETERS
o $hostname - The hostname or IP address whose region is to be looked-up. RETURN VALUES
Returns the associative array on success, or FALSE if the address cannot be found in the database. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A geoip_region_by_name(3) example This will print the array containing the country code and region of the host <?php $region = geoip_region_by_name(''); if ($region) { print_r($region); } ?> The above example will output: Array ( [country_code] => US [region] => CA ) PHP Documentation Group GEOIP_REGION_BY_NAME(3)

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