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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Linux correct permissions for .bash_aliases Post 302999320 by Aia on Friday 16th of June 2017 07:13:26 PM
Old 06-16-2017
Originally Posted by iamwrong
Above is a search string I tried on Google that produced lots of hits but not much in the way of clues. And I wasn't looking for clues.

So I decided, for the first time, to ask the question here. What are the correct permissions for the .bash_aliases file?

644 or 640
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KinoSearch1::Search::Hits - access search results SYNOPSIS
my $hits = $searcher->search( query => $query ); $hits->seek( 0, 10 ); while ( my $hashref = $hits->fetch_hit_hashref ) { print "<p>$hashref->{title} <em>$hashref->{score}</em></p> "; } DESCRIPTION
Hits objects are used to access the results of a search. By default, a hits object provides access to the top 100 matches; the seek() method provides finer-grained control. A classic application would be paging through hits. The first time, seek to a START of 0, and retrieve 10 documents. If the user wants to see more -- and there are more than 10 total hits -- seek to a START of 10, and retrieve 10 more documents. And so on. METHODS
seek $hits->seek( START, NUM_TO_RETRIEVE ); Position the Hits iterator at START, and capture NUM_TO_RETRIEVE docs. total_hits my $num_that_matched = $hits->total_hits; Return the total number of documents which matched the query used to produce the Hits object. (This number is unlikely to match NUM_TO_RETRIEVE.) fetch_hit while ( my $hit = $hits->fetch_hit ) { # ... } Return the next hit as a KinoSearch1::Search::Hit object. fetch_hit_hashref while ( my $hashref = $hits->fetch_hit_hashref ) { # ... } Return the next hit as a hashref, with the field names as keys and the field values as values. An entry for "score" will also be present, as will an entry for "excerpt" if create_excerpts() was called earlier. However, if the document contains stored fields named "score" or "excerpt", they will not be clobbered. create_excerpts my $highlighter = KinoSearch1::Highlight::Highlighter->new( excerpt_field => 'bodytext', ); $hits->create_excerpts( highlighter => $highlighter ); Use the supplied highlighter to generate excerpts. See KinoSearch1::Highlight::Highlighter. COPYRIGHT
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