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You haven't shown any example of output or what you have tried on your own, so I give you this, based on your explanation.

perl -MPOSIX -ple '$_ = join ",",(strftime("%m/%d/%Y", localtime)) x 3 if $.==2' orders.csv

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CVS-AUTORELEASEDEB(1)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     CVS-AUTORELEASEDEB(1)

cvs-autoreleasedeb - Automatic Release of debian packages from CVS DESCRIPTION
This script generates and uploads the debian package for cvs modules managed by cvs-buildpackage. cvs-autoreleasedeb will maintain a state file of all the packages you want to be automatically published, and every time you commit the debian/changelog file of your package, changing the debian version to a greater value, it will be published. All the parameters to the script are configured in the conffile. There is no command-line switch. See cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf(5) for more information. USING
There are two ways of using this script: 1) Run as user cvs-autoreleasedeb in cron. This is very useful for software houses that want to have the "nightily build" version of the software published automatically. In this case, the config file will be "/etc/cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf" and it will use /var/lib/cvs-autoreleasedeb/ as scratch dir. NOTE: edit /etc/default/cvs-autoreleasedeb to control this behavior NOTE 2: all output will be thrown in /var/log/cvs-autoreleasedeb/run.log 2) Run as yourself, it will automatizate the work you will have if you have your packages in CVS. In this case, the config file will be $HOME/.cvs-autoreleasedeb/conf and the scratch dir will be $HOME/.cvs-autoreleasedeb. cvs-autoreleasedeb will not create defaults, you must have the configuration file created before running cvs-autoreleasedeb. See cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf(5). TODO
- Use a snapshot of the time of the commit in the changelog to checkout the source - Localize the messages. - Work with other than all lowercase in conffile. - Use a better format for conffile. _EXIT CODES _exit codes: 0 = Clean _exit 1 = Config file not found 2 = No packages in config file 3 = Couldn't open the state file 4 = Couldn't open the state file for writing 5 = Couldn't determine architecture SEE ALSO
cvs-buildpackage(1), cvs(1), cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf(5), dupload(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Daniel Ruoso <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system. perl v5.8.7 2006-08-04 CVS-AUTORELEASEDEB(1)

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