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What editor does everyone use?

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What editor does everyone use?.
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Originally Posted by azurite View Post
Seems like Vi(m) is the popular choice.
vi is difficult to avoid sometimes. You may never love it the way people who learned on it did; it's very much not a 21st-century program, designed for printing terminals and a keyboard which no longer exists. But it's very useful to know the basics, because there's a vim or a vi everywhere.

vi-hater's cheat sheet for vi:
  • i: Stop beeping at me and enter writing mode you stupid program
  • esc-:-w-q-enter: Save and quit
  • esc-:-q-!-enter: Quit without saving
  • esc-d-d: Delete a line because backspace isn't good enough for you
  • esc-esc-esc: what in the world are you doing now, quit it, stop doing that
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