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Looking for suggestion on authentication method for UNIX/Windows


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Looking for suggestion on authentication method for UNIX/Windows.
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AD is essentially LDAP + Kerberos, so in itself there is nothing wrong with using AD, but it uses a proprietary schema. In order for it to be truly useful for unix/linux hosts, if you need anything more than just authentication, it would be best to import the rfc2307/rfc2307bis schema into AD. So AD can be used as LDAP for Unix/Linux hosts.

An alternative is to have two directories (AD and a separate LDAP) with some kind of sync mechanism...

Then there is the client side. With Single Signon, do you mean that you need to authenticate once and then use a ticket further on. Then you need to use (AD) Kerberos / gssapi. Some linux clients in addition can also do SSO without gssapi through sssd (also against AD), but Solaris cannot. If you mean with SSO that the password is the same for all platforms, then an alternative would be to use TLS/LDAP on Unix/Linux clients.

It all really depends on your situation..

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