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Full Discussion: Error when executing script
Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Error when executing script Post 302996108 by anaigini45 on Wednesday 19th of April 2017 05:06:07 AM
Old 04-19-2017
Error when executing script


I wrote this script to test if the output for DIR1 and DIR2 comes out as I want :


DAY=$(date +%d)
MONTH=$(date +%b)
YEAR=$(date +%Y)

echo $DIR1
echo $DIR2

This is the output I want for echo $DIR1 : Apr2017_Blast_BC01
And this is the output I want for echo $DIR2 : Apr2017_Blast_BC15

This is the error I get when I execute the script :

[root@L28tstream1 ~]# ./
./ line 6: Apr2017_Blast_BC01: command not found
./ line 7: Apr2017_Blast_BC15: command not found

What is wrong with the syntax in the script above?
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SHTOOL-ECHO.TMP(1)					      GNU Portable Shell Tool						SHTOOL-ECHO.TMP(1)

shtool-echo - GNU shtool echo(1) extensional command SYNOPSIS
shtool echo [-n|--newline] [-e|--expand] string DESCRIPTION
shtool echo is an echo(1) style command which prints string to stdout and optionally provides special expansion constructs (terminal bold mode, environment details, date, etc) and newline control. The trick of this command is that it provides a portable -n option and hides the gory details needed to find out the environment details under option -e. OPTIONS
The following command line options are available. -n, --newline By default, output is written to stdout followed by a "newline" (ASCII character 0x0a). If option -n is used, this newline character is omitted. -e, --expand If option -e is used, string can contain special "%x" constructs which are expanded before the output is written. Currently the following constructs are recognized: %B switch terminal mode to bold display mode. %b switch terminal mode back to normal display mode. %u the current user name. %U the current user id (numerical). %g the current group name. %G the current group id (numerical). %h the current hostname (without any domain extension). %d the current domain name. %D the current day of the month. %M the current month (numerical). %m the current month name. %Y the current year. EXAMPLE
# shell script shtool echo -n -e "Enter your name [%B%u%b]: "; read name shtool echo -e "Your Email address might be %u@%h%d" shtool echo -e "The current date is %D-%m-%Y" HISTORY
The GNU shtool echo command was originally written by Ralf S. Engelschall <> in 1998 for Website META Language (WML) under the name buildinfo. It was later taken over into GNU shtool. SEE ALSO
shtool(1), echo(1). 18-Jul-2008 shtool 2.0.8 SHTOOL-ECHO.TMP(1)

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