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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Xml to csv Post 302993729 by palex on Monday 13th of March 2017 05:11:13 PM
I want to thank you so much for taking the time to do this. After replacing 1-data1 with the xml filename, I receive the following:

 Sampled lines from data file :
./z: line 19: specimen: command not found

 Expected output (augmented):
cat: expected-output.txt: No such file or directory

 Results, warning message expected:
./z: line 26: $FILE: ambiguous redirect

 Verify results if possible:

 Results cannot be verified.

 Details for xml2:
./z: line 42: dixf: command not found

I am using XQuartz 2.7.9 on a Macbook Pro running El Capitan. Thanks again!
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verifier(1M)						    Application Server Utility						      verifier(1M)

verifier - validates the J2EE Deployment Descriptors against application server DTDs SYNOPSIS
verifier [-v] [-d destination_directory] [-r [a|w|f]] jar_filename Use the verifier utility to validate the J2EE deployment descriptors and the Sun ONE Application Server specific deployment descriptors. If the application is not J2EE compliant, an error message is printed. When you run the verifier utility, two results files are created in XML and TXT format. The location where the files are created can be configured using the -d option. The directory specified as the destination directory for result files should exist. If no directory is specified, the result files are created in the current directory. Result files are named as jar_filename_verified.xml and jar_filename_ver- ified.txt The XML file has various sections that are dynamically generated depending on what kind of application or module is being verified. The root tag is static-verification which may contain the tags application, ejb, web, appclient, connector, other, error and failure-count. The tags are self explanatory and are present depending on the type of module being verified. For example, an EAR file containing a web and EJB module will contain the tags application, ejb, web, other, and failure-count. If the verifier ran successfully, a result code of 0 is returned. A non-zero error code is returned if the verifier failed to run. OPTIONS
-v verbose debugging is turned on. -d identifies where the result files get placed. -r identifies the reporting level defined as one of the following: o a sets output reporting level to display all results (default) o w sets output reporting level to display warning and failure results o f sets output reporting level to display only failure results jar_filename name of the ear/war/jar file to perform static verification on. The results of verification are placed in two files jar_filename_verified.xml and jar_filename_verified.txt in the destination directory. Example 1: Using verifier in the Verbose Mode example% verifier -v -d /verifier-results -rf sample.ear Where -v runs the verifier in verbose mode, -d specifies the destination directory, and -rf displays only the failures. The results are stored in /verifier-results/sample.ear_verified.xml and /verifier-results/sample.ear_verified.txt. asadmin(1M) Sun Java System Application Server March 2004 verifier(1M)

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