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Show the input you have and show the output you want. "Generic" conversion isn't really possible given XML is a tree structure, not a flat structure, but your particular data file may have regular data representable as such.
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Help to convert XML to CSV

Apologies if this has already been covered in this site somewhere, I did try looking but without any success. I am new to the whole XML thing, very late starter, and have a requirement to convert an XML fiule to a CSV fomat. I am crrently working on a Solaris OS. Does anyone have any suggestions,... (2 Replies)
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Iam pretty new to UNIX and would like to convert a CSV to an XML file using AWK scripts. Can anybody suggest a solution? My CSV file looks something like this : Serial No Growth% Annual % Commission % Unemployed % 1 35% 29% 59% 42% 2 61% ... (15 Replies)
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CSV processing to XML

Hi, i am really fresh with shell scripting and programming, i have an issue i am not able to solve to populate data on my server for Cisco IP phones. I have CSV file within the following format: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;... (9 Replies)
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XML to csv transformation

Hi, I want to write a perl script. Which should accept the xml file, one xsl file and the loaction. The perl script should process the xml file using the xsl file and puts the out put in specified location. For example: My.perl is perls cript. my.xml is like this <?xml version="1.0"... (2 Replies)
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XML to CSV specific

Hi , Please any one to help on ,extract this xml code into csv columns list. <SOURCEFIELD BUSINESSNAME ="" DATATYPE ="date" DESCRIPTION ="" FIELDNUMBER ="1" FIELDPROPERTY ="0" FIELDTYPE ="ELEMITEM" HIDDEN ="NO" KEYTYPE ="NOT A KEY" LENGTH ="19" LEVEL ="0" NAME ="BUSINESS_DATE"... (4 Replies)
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Convert xml to csv

I need to convert below xml code to csv. I searched other posts as well but this post (_https://www.unix.com/shell-programming-scripting/174417-extract-parse-xml-data-statistic-value-csv.html) gives "sed command garbled" error. As of now I have written a long script to do it, but can it be done with... (7 Replies)
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How to convert xml to csv ?

I am in need of converting billions of XML into csv file to load data to DB, i have found the below code in perl but not sure why it's not working properly. CODE: #!/usr/bin/perl # Script to illustrate how to parse a simple XML file # and pick out all the values for a specific element, in... (1 Reply)
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I want to pharse below Xml Using Shell Scripting . Thanks in Advance <md> <neid> <neun>1523</neun> <nedn>XXX1212</nedn> <nesw>fffff12515</nesw> </neid> <mi> <mts>20141128001500</mts> <gp>550</gp> <mt>pmct1</mt> <mt>pmNo2</mt> <mt>pmNo3S</mt> <mv> <moid>Ma=1,Rn=1,Ul=311C</moid>... (6 Replies)
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Xml to csv (again)

Hello, I have copied .xml code for a single item below. I am trying to extract three items (field indices*b244 (second occurrence), b203, and j151), so the desired output would be: 9780323013543 Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine: Science and Tradition, 1e 68.95 A parallel solution,... (14 Replies)
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Converting XML to CSV

Hello, For i while i have been using XMLStarlet to convert several XML files to CSV files. So far this always went fine. Today however i got a new XML format however but i cannot find out how to get the data i need. Below is part of the code where it shows the different format. What... (10 Replies)
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xlhtml(1)						      General Commands Manual							 xlhtml(1)

xlhtml - A program for converting Microsoft Excel Files .xls SYNOPSIS
xlhtml [-a] [-asc] [-csv] [-xml] [-bcNNNNNN] [-bi/path] [-c] [-dp] [-v] [-fw] [-m] [-nc] [-nh] [-tcNNNNNN] [-te] [-xc:N-N] [-xp:N] [-xr:N- N] FILE DESCRIPTION
This manual page explains the xlhtml program. The program xlhtml is used to convert Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet files into either html or tab delimitted ASCII. The program can be interfaced with helper scripts for viewing email attachments. Most use of this program is through the helper scripts and one would probably rarely resort to using the commandline interface. OPTIONS
-a aggressively optimize html by removing </TR> </TD> or VALIGN="bottom". Some older browsers may not display properly in this mode. -asc Ascii out of -dp and extraction data (-xc, -xp, -xr) -csv Output in Comma Separated Values of -dp and extraction data (-xc, -xp, -xr) -xml Output in XML of -dp and extraction data (-xc, -xp, -xr) -bc Override the background color. e.g. -bc808080 for gray -bi Use background image. e.g. -bi/home/httpd/icon/tar.gif -c Centers the tables horizontally -dp Dump page count and max columns and rows per page -v Prints program version -fw suppress formula warnings about accuracy -m No encoding for multibyte -nc tells it not to colorize the output. -nh Suppress header and body tags in html output -tc Override the text color. e.g. -tcFF0000 for red -te Trims empty rows & columns at the edges of a worksheet -xc Columns (separated by a dash) for extraction (zero based) -xp Page for extraction (zero based), one page only -xr Rows (separated by a dash) to be extracted (zero based) An example of the extraction command line is: xlhtml -fw -asc -xp:0 -xr:2-6 -xc:0-1 Test.xls The extraction output is: Formatted output of cells by column left to right, columns separated by a tab, end of row is: 0x0A, end of file: AUTHOR
Steve Grubb, Charles N Wyble xlhtml May 15, 2002 xlhtml(1)

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