"Having too many connections could affect performance ?"

Post #302991310 by Don Cragun on Thursday 9th of February 2017 12:27:53 AM

With what you have told us, the application could be a huge bottleneck, the application server could be a huge bottleneck, the database server could be a huge bottleneck, the database application could be a huge bottleneck, or any combination of the above could be a bottleneck.

Running a filesystem backup while running applications that are using files on that filesystem is VERY likely to affect performance of those applications and of the backup software.

We have seen examples in this forum of text processing code that invokes several processes to produce output for each line read from a file containing a few thousand lines that literally ran for more than 10 hours. When that code was replaced by a single awk script with the output fed into sort, the script ran in less than 10 seconds and produced exactly the same output. Could your application code have a similar issues?

To figure out where you need to look, you first need to know what are your major stumbling blocks. Are you swapping processes in and out a lot? (Need more memory?) Are your disks thrashing? (Put files on different filesystems on different disks/controllers?) Are your CPUs running at 100%? (Badly written code or too many users on your system?) Is your network dropping packets? (Loose connections, faulty routes to servers, failing hardware, etc.?) ... ... ...
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XkbLockModifiers(3)						   XKB FUNCTIONS					       XkbLockModifiers(3)

XkbLockModifiers - Locks and unlocks any of the eight real keyboard modifiers
Bool XkbLockModifiers ( display, device_spec, affect, values ) Display *display; unsigned int device_spec; unsigned int affect; unsigned int values;
display connection to the X server device_spec device ID, or XkbUseCoreKbd affect mask of real modifiers whose lock state is to change values 1 => lock, 0 => unlock; only for modifiers selected by affect
XkbLockModifiers sends a request to the server to lock the real modifiers selected by both affect and values and to unlock the real modi- fiers selected by affect, but not selected by values. XkbLockModifiers does not wait for a reply from the server. It returns True if the request was sent, and False otherwise. The functions in this section that change the use of modifiers use a mask in the parameter affect. It is a bitwise inclusive OR of the legal modifier masks: Table 1 Real Modifier Masks ---------------------------- Mask ---------------------------- ShiftMask LockMask ControlMask Mod1Mask Mod2Mask Mod3Mask Mod4Mask Mod5Mask
True The XkbLockModifiers function returns True if a request is sent to the server to lock the real modifiers selected by both affect and values and to unlock the real modifiers selected by affect, but not selected by values. False The XkbLockModifiers function returns False if the request was not sent. X Version 11 libX11 1.2.1 XkbLockModifiers(3)

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