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So, this thread then?
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Check the process

I want to find the pid ( by ps ) that has already run over 30 seconds , I know ps only show the minute/hour . eg. the start time of the below process are 15:19 / 15:20 , but I don't know the exact time ( in term of "second" ) it start to run ( I only know the hour and minute ) , if I want to... (2 Replies)
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Check the process

Except the command "top" , is there other function / tool is used to check the process status in the system like 1. what process are running ? 2. how the CPU are allocating ? 3. how many swap is using ? 4. " Thx. (1 Reply)
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SCO Openserver 5.0.7 Hung process problem

Hi guys I installed this new server with 5.0.7 openserver and i'm getting a lot of this process, if a stop and restart the printer spooler they go away but after a few minutes they appear again.This is how it looks like. root 372 615 0 - - 00:00:00 <defunct> root ... (0 Replies)
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Monitoring for a hung process

A coworker has a shell script that runs from a scheduler at the 3am. The shell script runs sqlplus passing in a sql statement, which generate a file. This is done 21 times for 21 different sql statements. Recently, one of the sqlplus processes got hung. Is there a way to monitor how long the... (2 Replies)
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zombie processes and hung process termination

Is there a way I can run a command that will run in the kernel or in the memory and automatically kill certain scripts if they get to <defunct> processes, without having to be monitoring the server manually? I have a Perl script which runs for 20k members and normally does not have any problems,... (2 Replies)
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6. HP-UX

ssh session getting hung (smilar to hpux telnet session is getting hung after about 15 minutes)

Our network administrators implemented some sort of check to kill idle sessions and now burden is on us to run some sort of keep alive. Client based keep alive doesn't do a very good job. I have same issue with ssh. Does solution 2 provided above apply for ssh sessions also? (1 Reply)
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Check hung process and restart

Hi all I have networker running on a RHEL 5.7 and over time it hangs. So the solution backup team proposed is to check if the process is hung, to stop and start it. Unfortunately for me, the rc script only allows three commands, start, stop and status (no restart option) so I managed to set... (15 Replies)
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How a process can check if a particular process is running on different machine?

I have process1 running on one machine and generating some log file. Now another process which can be launched on any machine wants to know if process1 is running or not and also in case it is running it wants to stream the logs file generated by process1 on terminal from which process2 is... (2 Replies)
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9. Red Hat

How to find the process which is caused system hung state?

when system is hung state due to swap, we will reboot it through ILO. i want to know which process caused system hung. (1 Reply)
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10. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

View User Mode Call Stack of Hung Process

I have a multithreaded usermode program(actually a daemon) which is in hanged state. To debug it I tried attaching the process to gdb, but the gdb hangs. gstack also gets hanged. I peeped into the proc file system and saw the process to be in sleeping state. /proc/sysrq-trigger I guess... (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: rupeshkp728
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DHCPING(8)						      General Commands Manual							DHCPING(8)

dhcping - send a DHCP request to DHCP server to see if it's up and running SYNOPSIS
dhcping [-v] [-q] [-i] [-r] -t maxwait -c client-IP-address -s server-IP-address -h client-hardware-address [-g gateway-IP-address] DESCRIPTION
This command allows the system administrator to check if a remote DHCP server is still functioning. Options are: -v Verbose, print some information. -i Use DHCPINFORM packets. -r Use DHCPREQUEST packets (default behaviour). -q Quiet, print nothing on the screen. -t maxwait Maximum time to wait for an answer from the server in seconds. Default is 3 seconds. -c client-IP-address Request this IP address. Note that this is also the IP address the answer will be sent to. -s server-IP-address Send the DHCP packet to this IP address. -h client-hardware-address Use this hardware-address in the DHCP request. It can be up to sixteen octets seperated by colons (i.e. 01:02:03:04) -g gateway-IP-address Use this IP address for the gateway IP address in the DHCP packet. This option is currently broken. RETURN VALUES
If everything goes okay, it returns 0. If there went something wrong, it returns 1. SETUP
This program should be installed setuid root or ran by root only. See SECURITY for more information. On your DHCP server, add these lines to the dhcpd.conf: host <your monitoring host FQDN> { hardware ethernet <your monitor host mac address>; fixed-address <your monitoring host IP address>; } Then try it: $ dhcping -c your monitoring host IP address -s your DHCP server IP address -h your monitor host mac address It will either respond with "no answer" or "Got answer from: your DHCP server IP address" The DHCP server logfile will give: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:20:18:56:29:8f via ed0 DHCPACK on to 00:20:18:56:29:8f via ed0 DHCPRELEASE of from 00:20:18:56:29:8f via ed0 (found) Running in DHCPINFORM mode with -i: If you see "DHCPINFORM from via xl0: not authoritative for subnet", you should add the authoritative statement to the subnet, See dhcpd.conf(5) for details. When running in very verbose mode, dhcping tries to dump all data of the send and received DHCP packets. It will first dump the packet in hex-format, then decodes the header and finally the options. HOW IT WORKS
The client either sends a DHCPREQUEST or DHCPINFORM packet to the server and waits for an answer. Then, if a DHCPREQUEST was send, it will send a DHCPRELEASE back to the server. SECURITY
This program is installed setuid root as it requires the privileges to bind itself to port 68 (bootpc). Root privileges are dropped as soon as the program has bound itself to that port. BUGS
Currently (this may, or may not, change in the future) the ISC DHCP daemon does not write leases with a fixed IP address in the dhcpd.leases file. DHCPINFORM packets can only be used on subnets the server is authori- tative for. If the monitoring script runs on a subnet the server isn't authoritative for, it should use the DHCPREQUEST packets. I also experienced some problems with ISC DHCPD v2 servers, but that is also in the README of it. The -V option is still working, but shouldn't be used for debugging of the packets. Better use dhcpdump(8) for that, which is available on my website. I wanted to remove it, but decided only to do it from the documentation, not from the code. Maybe I'll need it one day for debugging. AUTHOR
Edwin Groothuis, ( SEE ALSO
dhcpd(8), dhclient(8), dhcpd.conf(5), dhcpdump(8) Januari 27, 2002 Januari 27, 2002 DHCPING(8)

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