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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Congrats to RudiC - 3000 Thanks! Post 302988462 by itkamaraj on Monday 26th of December 2016 08:19:00 PM
Old 12-26-2016
Congrats Rudic Smilie
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4. What is on Your Mind?

RudiC reaches over 4000 thanks in 6 years.

Congratulations. Nice one RudiC. That is some going, well done! Bazza. (8 Replies)
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Congratulations RudiC for completing 4000+ THANKS in forums.

Hello All forum members, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK RudiC for his tremendous achievement, guidance, help for helping in forums, let us join our hands together for his GREAT achievement :b: @Rudi sir, How are you sir? you ROCK, please keep up the great work sir :b: ... (1 Reply)
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Congratulations RudiC for completing 4500 THANKS in forums.

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CD-INFO(1)							   User Commands							CD-INFO(1)

cd-info - manual page for cd-info version 0.83 i686-pc-linux-gnu SYNOPSIS
cd-info OPTION... Shows Information about a CD or CD-image. DESCRIPTION
-a, --access-mode=STRING Set CD access method -d, --debug=INT Set debugging to LEVEL -T, --no-tracks Don't show track information -A, --no-analyze Don't filesystem analysis --no-cddb Don't look up audio CDDB information or print it -P, --cddb-port=INT CDDB port number to use (default 8880) -H, --cddb-http Lookup CDDB via HTTP proxy (default no proxy) --cddb-server=STRING CDDB server to contact for information (default: freedb.freedb.org) --cddb-cache=STRING Location of CDDB cache directory (default ~/.cddbclient) --cddb-email=STRING Email address to give CDDB server (default me@home) --no-cddb-cache Disable caching of CDDB entries locally (default caches) --cddb-timeout=INT CDDB timeout value in seconds (default 10 seconds) --no-device-info Don't show device info, just CD info --no-disc-mode Don't show disc-mode info --dvd Attempt to give DVD information if a DVD is found. -v, --no-vcd Don't look up Video CD information - for this build, this is always set -I, --no-ioctl Don't show ioctl() information -b, --bin-file[=FILE] set "bin" CD-ROM disk image file as source -c, --cue-file[=FILE] set "cue" CD-ROM disk image file as source -N, --nrg-file[=FILE] set Nero CD-ROM disk image file as source -t, --toc-file[=FILE] set cdrdao CD-ROM disk image file as source -i, --input[=FILE] set source and determine if "bin" image or device --iso9660 print directory contents of any ISO-9660 filesystems -C, --cdrom-device[=DEVICE] set CD-ROM device as source -l, --list-drives Give a list of CD-drives --no-header Don't display header and copyright (for regression testing) --no-joliet Don't use Joliet extensions --no-rock-ridge Don't use Rock-Ridge-extension information --no-xa Don't use XA-extension information -q, --quiet Don't produce warning output -V, --version display version and copyright information and exit Help options: -?, --help Show this help message --usage Display brief usage message AUTHOR
Rocky Bernstein rocky@gnu.org, based on the cdinfo program by Gerd Knorr <kraxel@bytesex.org> and Heiko Eissfeldt <heiko@hexco.de> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011 R. Bernstein This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- LAR PURPOSE. Have driver: GNU/Linux ioctl and MMC driver Have driver: cdrdao (TOC) disk image driver Have driver: bin/cuesheet disk image driver Have driver: Nero NRG disk image driver Default CD-ROM device: /dev/scd0 SEE ALSO
cd-drive(1) for CD-ROM characteristics; iso-info(1) for information about an ISO-9660 image. cd-info version 0.83 i686-pc-linux-gnu October 2011 CD-INFO(1)

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