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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Which Product to Choose? Post 302985709 by Corona688 on Monday 14th of November 2016 11:34:54 AM
First, about that XP machine. The OS's job is to stay out of the way 99% of the time while programs sit there and run; a better OS doesn't make programs run faster, just does a better job of staying out of the way. So if Windows XP doesn't have the power to do something on your hardware, neither does UNIX. I made the same mistake a long time ago, trying to install a modern Linux distro on a Pentium (no II, III, IV, or D). 32 megs of RAM. It swapped like a wounded moth Smilie

Further, distro's advertised as "easy" are aimed at modern consumer PC specs and have grown-up resource requirements. Install that loadout on an old computer(Anything with an XP sticker is likely 10-15 years old) and it will be sucking sand. Your best bet for that kind of distro is to install on a computer one or two models behind - old enough its hardware is well-supported, but not so old that its performance is poor.

What Linux is better at than Windows, I think -- even in the era of quad-core computers - is sharing processing power so things don't lag out as much. Linux couldn't do miracles with my ancient, dismal Duron, but it could run a compile and an MP3 player at the same time without stuttering.

If you want a general purpose Windows like experience with a lot of default choices made for you, try Ubuntu. If you want to build a super lean task-specific machine, try Debian.

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HOOLA(6)							     board_gen								  HOOLA(6)

make-gnome-freecell-board, make-aisleriot-freecell-board, make-microsoft-freecell-board, make-pysol-freecell-board - Programs to generate boards to be used as input to Freecell Solver. SYNOPSIS
program [-t] board-number or for make-pysol-freecell-board: program [-t] [-F] board-number [game-string] or for make-aisleriot-freecell-board: program [-t] board-number [game-string] DESCRIPTION
These programs are command-line programs that can generate the initial board of the Freecell games of several popular Solitaire implementations. Those boards can be in turn be inputted to fc-solve by means of a pipeline, or placed inside a file for safe-keeping. make-pysol-freecell-board and make-aisleriot-freecell-board also accept an optional third argument which indicates the game type. This type defaults to Freecell, but is useful for generating the boards of other games. Note that using this flag does not preclude one from using the "--game" flag of fc-solve. accepts another parameter called -F or --pysolfc that deals the PySolFC boards instead of the classic PySol ones. A common paradigm for using those programs is something like: bash:~$ make-microsoft-freecell-board 11982 | fc-solve -l gi If the "-t" option is specified, then the 10 cards are printed with "T"'s, instead of "10"'s. While this does not have any effect on fc- solve it may prove useful for other solvers or solitaire implementations which do not accept "10"'s. Here is a short description of each program: make-gnome-freecell-board Generate the boards of the standalone Freecell program that comes with the GNOME desktop. make-aisleriot-freecell-board Generate the Freecell boards of GNOME's AisleRiot. make-pysol-freecell-board A Python script that generates the boards of the various games of PySol. make-microsoft-freecell-board A program that generates the boards of Microsoft Freecell and of the Freecell Pro implementation of Freecell. OPTIONS
board-number is the board number as a decimal number. game-string is a string describing the game. Valid strings and their respective games are: bakers_game - Baker's Game (*) bakers_dozen - Baker's Dozen (Broken) (*) beleaguered_castle - Beleaguered Castle (*) citadel - Citadel cruel - Cruel der_katz - Der Katzenschwantz die_schlange - Die Schlange eight_off - Eight Off (*) fan - Fan forecell - Forecell freecell - Freecell (the default) good_measure - Good Measure ko_bakers_game - Kings' Only Baker's Game relaxed_freecell - Relaxed Freecell relaxed_seahaven - Relaxed Seahaven Towers seahaven - Seahaven Towers (*) simple_simon - Simple Simon (*) streets_and_alleys - Streets and Alleys make-aisleriot-freecell-board supports only the games marked with an asterisk (*). SEE ALSO
fc-solve (6) /usr/share/doc/freecell-solver-bin/README.board_gen AUTHOR
Shlomi Fish, <> . board_gen 3.12.0 2012-06-22 HOOLA(6)

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