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This just doesn't make sense. Why should masking a field change an eight digit field to a ten character field containing eight digits and two hyphens??? Why should masking a field change a six digit field to a nine character field containing seven <x>s and two hyphens???
It was for an example I referred above.
say if the column name in the .csv file is TaxID and it has value as shown below

Then aftermasking it is expected that the inside .csv file under the column TXID

Please note it is not that a six digit field to a nine character field containing seven <x>s and two hyphens.. In future the Tax id values can be more than 10 digits. so here the intent is if the column name is Tax_ID then mask. There can be more than one tax related column in the .csv file. Example : TaxID_1 , TaxID_2, Tax_ID3 and so on. All we are looking here is the column names that will be hard coded in the script.

How to handle if a column name is like TAX-ID or DATE-OF-BIRTH?

The script reads the input from a table as I said earlier which will have the file name ,the column names and the position of the columns where masking needs to happen.

Your text says that a column with the text DOB (apparently in the 1st line of the field) identifies a field number and every that field should be changed on every line in the file to 9999-12-12. So, you are asking us to change the heading in that field from DOB to 9999-12-12??? Do you really want 9999-12-12, or should it be 9999-12-31???
Example : yes you are right 9999-12-31 should be the one. It was type error my end earlier. It is not the heading am asking to replace but for the values in that column. As I said the table will indicate the position number of the column that needs to be masked.

Please show us some representative sample input data (with sanitized, but not masked, data) in CODE tags AND show the the corresponding output that should be produced by your script in CODE tags.

Note that you refer to DOB, dob, Date of Birth, Dateof Birth, and DATE-OF-BIRTH in the above quoted text; I assume that you realize that all five of these column headings are different and none of them will compare equal to any of the others!
The .csv file can contain more than 1 column that are related to DOB, Date of Birth or DATE-OF-BIRTH.

Are we supposed to assume that all of the files you will be processing will have the same fields in the same order? Or is each file different?

You say that you have <comma> and <vertical-bar> separated files. Does a single file ever contain both delimiters? If you have a <comma> delimited file, will the data in that file ever contain a <vertical-bar> character as data (not as a field delimiter)?
Either at one go the file must be either comma delimited or pipe. but not both.

As I shared the script code earlier the flow goes as shown below
First the script will read the table that contains the column position for dob and tax related column . say the position is 5 and 10 for a column name DateOfBirth and Tax_Id respectively then as these two column names are hard coded in side the script it in an array. It will search for these two column names and if found then mask . Finally we will see in the out put masked file 5 and 10 positions will have 9999-12-31 and xxx-xx-xx

Mahesh G

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