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Run Linux command from windows

i downloaded nic demo application from nic.comuf.com.
working fine ,but when i run batch script ,always display splash screen maybe 10 sec.
how can i remove splash screen when run batch script.?
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PLYMOUTH(1)							   User Commands						       PLYMOUTH(1)

plymouth - Send commands to plymouthd SYNOPSIS
plymouth [OPTION...] plymouth COMMAND [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION
The plymouth sends commands to a running plymouthd. This is used during the boot process to control the display of the graphical boot splash. OPTIONS
The following options are understood. These options are supported for compatibility with the old rhgb-client interface, and have been replaced by the commands that are described in the next section. --help Show summary of options. --debug Enable verbose debug logging. --get-splash-plugin-path Get directory where splash plugins are installed. --newroot=[STRING] Tell plymouthd that the new root filesystem is mounted. --quit Tell plymouthd to quit. --ping Check if plymouthd is running. --has-active-vt Check if plymouthd has an active vt. --sysinit Tell plymouthd root filesystem is mounted read-write. --show-splash Show the splash screen. --hide-splash Hide the splash screen. --ask-for-password Ask the user for a password. --ignore-keystroke=[STRING] Remove sensitivity to a keystroke. --update=[STRING] Tell plymouthd an update about boot progress. --details Tell plymouthd there were errors during boot. --wait Wait for plymouthd to quit. COMMANDS
The following commands are understood: change-mode OPTION Change the operation mode. --boot-up Start the system up --shutdown Shutting the system up --updates Applying updates system-update OPTION Tell plymouthd about boot progress. --progress=INTEGER The percentage progress of the updates update OPTION Tell plymouthd about boot status changes. --status=STRING Tell plymouthd the current boot status update-root-fs OPTION Tell plymouthd about root filesystem changes. --new-root-dir=STRING Root filesystem is about to change --read-write Root filesystem is no longer read-only show-splash Tell plymouthd to show splash screen. hide-splash Tell plymouthd to hide splash screen. ask-for-password OPTION Ask the user for a password. --command=STRING Command to send password to via standard input --prompt=STRING Message to display when asking for password --number-of-tries=INTEGER Number of times to ask before giving up (requires --command) --dont-pause-progress Don't pause boot progress bar while asking ask-question Ask the user a question. --command=STRING Command to send the answer to via standard input --prompt=STRING Message to display when asking the question --dont-pause-progress Don't pause boot progress bar while asking display-message OPTION Display a message. --text=STRING The message text hide-message OPTION Hide a message. --text=STRING The message text watch-keystroke OPTION Become sensitive to a keystroke. --command=STRING Command to send keystroke to via standard input --keys=STRING Keys to become sensitive to ignore-keystroke OPTION Remove sensitivity to a keystroke. --keys=STRING Keys to remove sensitivitiy from pause-progress Pause boot progress bar. unpause-progress Unpause boot progress bar. report-error Tell plymouthd there were errors during boot. deactivate Tell plymouthd to deactivate. reactivate Tell plymouthd to reactivate. quit OPTION Tell plymouthd to quit. --retain-splash Don't explicitly hide boot splash on exit SEE ALSO
grub(8), plymouth(8), plymouthd(8), http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth plymouth PLYMOUTH(1)

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