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Full Discussion: Help on grep command
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Help on grep command Post 302974665 by Don Cragun on Thursday 2nd of June 2016 03:36:12 AM
Old 06-02-2016
Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment This thread appears to be a duplicate of the discussion continuing in the thread UNIX Shell Scripting (Solaris) for File Checking.

Please continue any further discussion on this topic there.

This thread is closed.
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grep command

hi all i have directory /usr under this directory i have subdirectories tmp1,tmp2,tmp3 like this /usr/tmp1 /usr/tmp2 /usr/tmp3 and so on i want to search string in files (i don't know the name of the files)and i want to serch it in all the directories under the /usr how shell i do... (3 Replies)
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Need help with grep command

Hi guys, i wondering with any1 could help me with this. I have this script will i need to "grep" an integer form a file x2. If the value is 0 then it's ok. But anything greater then 0, i'll ask the script to echo an error message. This is how the script looks like: MESSAGEFILE=x2 STRING="0" ... (5 Replies)
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Hi I have lots of file in on folder and i want to egrep from only few files. List of files...... Polt_KJ_430_OutputRBS_istUt_CR2.log Polt_KN_4122_OutputRBS_ncChk_CR.log Polt_LN_2230_OutputRNC_Hth_CLKLKL.log Solt_KJ_430_OutputRBS_istUt_CR2.log Solt_KN_4122_OutputRBS_ncChk_CR3.log... (2 Replies)
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grep -i -f panel_genes.txt hg19_refGene.txt > match.txt seems to be pulling names the do not exist in the input file (panel_genes.txt) - the output is attached as well (match.txt) For example, RNF185 or ZNF146 are not genes in the input. I am trying to match the input file genes only and am... (9 Replies)
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Grep command giving different result for different users for same command

Hello, I am running below command as root user #nodetool cfstats tests | grep "Memtable switch count" Memtable switch count: 12 Where as when I try to run same command as another user it gives different result. #su -l zabbix -s /bin/bash -c "nodetool cfstats tests | grep "Memtable switch... (10 Replies)
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