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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris View/Transfer Files Android Phone Post 302973181 by Nostradamus1973 on Sunday 15th of May 2016 07:21:35 PM

Hi Don,

Thanks for the speedy response Smilie

I should have given a better description of what's going on. "Software Data Cable" is an apk on Google Play that uses WiFi instead of the actual cable, I guess the play on words is irony.

I guess what I basically want is this: When I plug my phone in via cable, I want to see the drives appear in File Browser. In Linux I plug my phone in and my internal and external (SD) is mounted and sitting on my desktop; that being said, I know that the auto-mounting isn't going to happen in UNIX without a bit of convincing, but, never-the-less, I'm just looking for a way to read/write to my phone's external SD card. In fact syncing may prove to be too tedious for what I'm doing since I just want occasional access and dynamic file transfers, meaning I may choose to transfer files A, B, and C today and X, Y, and Z tomorrow.
I think there's a way to "Connect to server" via SSH but, I'm not sure where to start. Every time I put either the MAC or IP address I get an SMB error that access is denied.
I found this reference, maybe you can tell me if it's what I need to do, or, on the right track. I also used this as a guide ONLY because it's meant for Linux. I did manage to set up USB tethering on my phone, but no luck trying to SSH to it.

My android Phone is running version 4.4.2 and kernel version is 3.4.0, and rooted.
I was reading that Android phones can only be active as a NFS Server through some SDK, sounds messy IMO, although I would assume it is up and running in my version (4.4.2) because I can view the same phone on my Linux box when I plug it in right now, so, maybe that statement is outdated.

I hope all this makes sense and I didn't embarrass myself too badly because of my lacking UNIX skills I'm just not sure where I'm going wrong.

Any thoughts?Smilie

Thanks for your help and time. SmilieSmilie


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phones(4)                                                          File Formats                                                          phones(4)

phones - remote host phone number database SYNOPSIS
/etc/phones DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/phones contains the system-wide private phone numbers for the tip(1) program. /etc/phones is normally unreadable, and so may contain privileged information. The format of /etc/phones is a series of lines of the form: <system-name>[ ]*<phone-number>. The system name is one of those defined in the remote(4) file and the phone number is constructed from [0123456789-=*%]. The `=' and `*' characters are indicators to the auto call units to pause and wait for a second dial tone (when going through an exchange). The `=' is required by the DF02-AC and the `*' is required by the BIZCOMP 1030. Comment lines are lines containing a `#' sign in the first column of the line. Only one phone number per line is permitted. However, if more than one line in the file contains the same system name tip(1) will attempt to dial each one in turn, until it establishes a connection. FILES
/etc/phones SEE ALSO
tip(1), remote(4) SunOS 5.10 14 Jan 1992 phones(4)

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