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thanks for the advice on powershell. ill try that.
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GIT-CHECK-ATTR(1)						    Git Manual							 GIT-CHECK-ATTR(1)

git-check-attr - Display gitattributes information SYNOPSIS
git check-attr [-a | --all | attr...] [--] pathname... git check-attr --stdin [-z] [-a | --all | attr...] < <list-of-paths> DESCRIPTION
For every pathname, this command will list if each attribute is unspecified, set, or unset as a gitattribute on that pathname. OPTIONS
-a, --all List all attributes that are associated with the specified paths. If this option is used, then unspecified attributes will not be included in the output. --cached Consider .gitattributes in the index only, ignoring the working tree. --stdin Read file names from stdin instead of from the command-line. -z Only meaningful with --stdin; paths are separated with a NUL character instead of a linefeed character. -- Interpret all preceding arguments as attributes and all following arguments as path names. If none of --stdin, --all, or -- is used, the first argument will be treated as an attribute and the rest of the arguments as pathnames. OUTPUT
The output is of the form: <path> COLON SP <attribute> COLON SP <info> LF <path> is the path of a file being queried, <attribute> is an attribute being queried and <info> can be either: unspecified when the attribute is not defined for the path. unset when the attribute is defined as false. set when the attribute is defined as true. <value> when a value has been assigned to the attribute. EXAMPLES
In the examples, the following .gitattributes file is used: *.java diff=java -crlf myAttr NoMyAttr.java !myAttr README caveat=unspecified o Listing a single attribute: $ git check-attr diff org/example/MyClass.java org/example/MyClass.java: diff: java o Listing multiple attributes for a file: $ git check-attr crlf diff myAttr -- org/example/MyClass.java org/example/MyClass.java: crlf: unset org/example/MyClass.java: diff: java org/example/MyClass.java: myAttr: set o Listing all attributes for a file: $ git check-attr --all -- org/example/MyClass.java org/example/MyClass.java: diff: java org/example/MyClass.java: myAttr: set o Listing an attribute for multiple files: $ git check-attr myAttr -- org/example/MyClass.java org/example/NoMyAttr.java org/example/MyClass.java: myAttr: set org/example/NoMyAttr.java: myAttr: unspecified o Not all values are equally unambiguous: $ git check-attr caveat README README: caveat: unspecified SEE ALSO
gitattributes(5). GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 11/24/2012 GIT-CHECK-ATTR(1)

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