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Full Discussion: Puppet dashboard
Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Puppet dashboard Post 302969603 by Vit0_Corleone on Thursday 24th of March 2016 12:07:45 PM
Old 03-24-2016
@cjcox thanks for your reply. if not using dashboard how can one be aware of the overall picture like incomplete installation or puppet agent issues etc... Should one watching puppetmaster logs to understand the pciture?
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PUPPET-CONFIG(8)						   Puppet manual						  PUPPET-CONFIG(8)

puppet-config - Interact with Puppet's configuration options. SYNOPSIS
puppet config action OPTIONS
Note that any configuration parameter that's valid in the configuration file is also a valid long argument, although it may or may not be relevant to the present action. For example, server is a valid configuration parameter, so you can specify --server <servername> as an argument. See the configuration file documentation at for the full list of acceptable parameters. A commented list of all configuration options can also be generated by running puppet with --genconfig. --mode MODE The run mode to use for the current action. Valid modes are user, agent, and master. --render-as FORMAT The format in which to render output. The most common formats are json, s (string), yaml, and console, but other options such as dot are sometimes available. --verbose Whether to log verbosely. --debug Whether to log debug information. ACTIONS
print - Examine Puppet's current configuration settings. SYNOPSIS puppet config print (all | setting [setting ...] DESCRIPTION Prints the value of a single configuration option or a list of configuration options. This action is an alternate interface to the information available with puppet <subcommand> --configprint. RETURNS A single value when called with one config setting, and a list of settings and values when called with multiple options or "all." NOTES By default, this action reads the configuration in agent mode. Use the '--mode' and '--environment' flags to examine other configu- ration domains. EXAMPLES
print Get puppet's runfile directory: $ puppet config print rundir Get a list of important directories from the master's config: $ puppet config print all --mode master | grep -E "(path|dir)" COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2011 by Puppet Labs Apache 2 license; see COPYING Puppet Labs, LLC June 2012 PUPPET-CONFIG(8)

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