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Full Discussion: Puppet dashboard
Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Puppet dashboard Post 302969524 by cjcox on Wednesday 23rd of March 2016 04:28:56 PM
Old 03-23-2016
Dashboard..... well obviously community can't come with a PE Dashbaord... but there might be something dashboard-ish for community.

Try looking for things like:
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PUPPET-MASTER(8)						   Puppet manual						  PUPPET-MASTER(8)

puppet-master - The puppet master daemon SYNOPSIS
The central puppet server. Functions as a certificate authority by default. USAGE
puppet master [-D|--daemonize|--no-daemonize] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] [-l|--logdest file|console|syslog] [-v|--verbose] [-V|--version] [--compile node-name] DESCRIPTION
This command starts an instance of puppet master, running as a daemon and using Ruby's built-in Webrick webserver. Puppet master can also be managed by other application servers; when this is the case, this executable is not used. OPTIONS
Note that any configuration parameter that's valid in the configuration file is also a valid long argument. For example, 'ssldir' is a valid configuration parameter, so you can specify '--ssldir directory' as an argument. See the configuration file documentation at for the full list of acceptable parameters. A commented list of all configuration options can also be generated by running puppet master with '--genconfig'. --daemonize Send the process into the background. This is the default. --no-daemonize Do not send the process into the background. --debug Enable full debugging. --help Print this help message. --logdest Where to send messages. Choose between syslog, the console, and a log file. Defaults to sending messages to syslog, or the console if debugging or verbosity is enabled. --verbose Enable verbosity. --version Print the puppet version number and exit. --compile Compile a catalogue and output it in JSON from the puppet master. Uses facts contained in the $vardir/yaml/ directory to compile the catalog. EXAMPLE
puppet master DIAGNOSTICS
When running as a standalone daemon, puppet master accepts the following signals: SIGHUP Restart the puppet master server. SIGINT and SIGTERM Shut down the puppet master server. SIGUSR2 Close file descriptors for log files and reopen them. Used with logrotate. AUTHOR
Copyright (c) 2011 Puppet Labs, LLC Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License Puppet Labs, LLC June 2012 PUPPET-MASTER(8)

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