"How to replace value of password tag in xml with blanks when special characters are there?"

Post #302958960 by Corona688 on Tuesday 27th of October 2015 03:13:12 PM

You could do almost the same thing in gsub:

gsub(/<password>.*<\/password>/, "<password><\/password>");

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yppasswd(1yp)															     yppasswd(1yp)

       yppasswd - change password in yellow pages (YP) service.

       yppasswd [ name ]

       The  command lets you change your password in the yellow pages (YP) map, a network data base service.  Only you or the superuser can change
       your YP password.

       When you enter the command, the program prompts you for the old password and then for the new password. Note that  the  passwords  are  not
       displayed on the screen.

       Next,  the  program asks you for the new password again, to verify that you have typed it correctly.  If you do not type the passwords cor-
       rectly, you will receive an error message after you enter the new password.

       Your new YP password must meet one of the following requirements:

	  o It must be a combination of at least six alphanumeric characters, or

	  o It must be a minimum of four characters, with at least one being non-alphanumeric, such as a control sequence.
       The command does not change the YP password.  This command only changes the local password file and not the YP master password  file.   See
       Chapter 3 of the Guide to the Yellow Pages Service for further information.

       Please use a longer password
       Your new password does not meet the minimum length requirement.

       Mismatch- password unchanged
       You misspelled your new password or its verification.

       couldn't change passwd
       Your new password can not be activated. It must be different from your old password and your login name.

       Password file

       Yellow Pages directory

See Also
       passwd(1), passwd(5yp), ypfiles(5yp), yppasswdd(8yp)
       Guide to the Yellow Pages Service


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