Operating Systems SCO Sco media needed for openserver 5.0.6 Post 302957741 by elnino981 on Wednesday 14th of October 2015 01:16:34 PM
Sco media needed for openserver 5.0.6

Hello, i need if possible media for sco openserver 5.0.6 and also want to know if is possible to upgrade from 5.0.2 to 5.0.6.
Best regards,
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SCO Openserver 6.0

Hi guys, I just got this new 6.0 version and i'm trying to setup a remote office to telnet to this server running sco 6.0, in previous version all i have to do is add this file under /etc/rc2.d call S99route and put the gate in that file and that was it, for some reason in 6.0 it does not... (1 Reply)
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Looking for openserver 5.0.5 media kit

Hello We are running a pretty old system here which needs to be re-installed. Unfortunately even if all my licences are okay, my install CD are missing in the box. I contacted sco in order to get these media kit, with no luck (product discontinued) I was wondering if some good pal would... (5 Replies)
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OpenServer 5.0.6 Media Needed

I have a client with 5.0.6 who wants to migrate to new hardware. We have in our posession all appropriate paper software licenses. Over the years the media has vanished Can anyone assist with locating an ISO or actual CD containing OpenServer 5.0.6, please? Thank you (9 Replies)
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openserver 5.0.6 media need

I am looking for openserver 5.0.6 media. I need build a new production server and we only have the 5.0.5 media. If anybody can help that be awesome. (9 Replies)
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SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.5 Media Kit

My client has lost the SCO OS 5.0.5 install media. However, they do have a working SCO 5.0.5 system, but is crumbling apart. Where can I find the SCO OS 5.0.5 install media? Or can I get a copy of the SCO CD as a ISO file? Your help is much appreciated. (7 Replies)
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SCO Openserver 5.0.4Eb binaries needed

Hello, I'm a system administrator of Russian bowling club located in Tomsk. As a server for our management system we use SCO OpenServer 5.0.4Eb. I know that it's old and so on, but we use it because we, some time ago, bought all the bowling system in used condition, and it works well for years. ... (2 Replies)
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SCO 5.0.6 Media needed

Hi, can anyone provide me the sources for sco 5.0.6 as iso? Thanks! (26 Replies)
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SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 Media Needed

Greetings, I've recently been given responsibility for a legacy server running SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 and upon taking inventory I discovered we have all the license documents but no installation media. Can anyone assist me with where I might download these? Thanks Kevin (9 Replies)
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Need SCO 5.0.6 openserver media kit

hello everyone i need a copy of sco 5.0.6 iso for isntall a new server crash I read in a post that someone uploaded to an ftp an iso but I did not find the ftp any can helpme? (7 Replies)
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SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 media needed

My media disk is unusable. Can someone provide me an ISO for Openserver 5.0.6? Thank you. Brantley Allen (2 Replies)
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REDHAT-UPGRADE-TOOL(8)					  redhat-upgrade-tool User Manual				    REDHAT-UPGRADE-TOOL(8)

redhat-upgrade-tool - Red Hat Upgrade tool SYNOPSIS
redhat-upgrade-tool [OPTIONS] SOURCE DESCRIPTION
redhat-upgrade-tool is the Red Hat Upgrade tool. The redhat-upgrade-tool client runs on the system to be upgraded. It determines what packages are needed for upgrade and gathers them from the source(s) given. It also fetches and sets up the boot images needed to run the upgrade and sets up the system to perform the upgrade at next boot. The actual upgrade takes place when the system is rebooted, using the boot images set up by redhat-upgrade-tool. The upgrade initrd starts the existing system (mostly) as normal, lets it mount all the local filesystems, then starts the upgrade. When the upgrade finishes, it reboots the system into the newly-upgraded OS. OPTIONS
Optional arguments -h, --help Show a help message and exit. -v, --verbose Print more info. -d, --debug Print lots of debugging info. --debuglog DEBUGLOG Write debugging output to the given file. Defaults to /var/log/redhat-upgrade-tool.log. --reboot Automatically reboot to start the upgrade when ready. SOURCE These options tell redhat-upgrade-tool where to look for the packages and boot images needed to run the upgrade. At least one of these options is required. --device [DEV] Device or mountpoint of mounted install media. If DEV is omitted, redhat-upgrade-tool will scan all currently-mounted removable devices (USB disks, optical media, etc.) --iso ISO Installation image file. --network VERSION Online repos matching VERSION (a number or "rawhide") Multiple sources may be used, if desired. Additional options for --network --enablerepo REPOID Enable one or more repos (wildcards allowed). --disablerepo REPOID Disable one or more repos (wildcards allowed). --addrepo REPOID=[@]URL Add the repo at URL. Prefix URL with @ to indicate that the URL is a mirrorlist. --instrepo REPOID Get upgrader boot images from the repo named REPOID. The repo must contain a valid .treeinfo file which points to the location of usable kernel and upgrade images. Cleanup commands --resetbootloader Remove any modifications made to bootloader configuration. --clean Clean up everything written by redhat-upgrade-tool. EXAMPLES
redhat-upgrade-tool --network 7.0 --instrepo <repo URL> Upgrade to RHEL 7.0 by downloading all needed packages and data from the specified repository. redhat-upgrade-tool --device --network 7.0 Upgrade to RHEL 7.0 using install media mounted somewhere on the system, fetching updates from the network if needed. EXIT STATUS
0 Success. 1 Cancelled by user, failure writing files to disk, or other unknown error 2 Failed to download/copy files from the given SOURCE 3 RPM upgrade transaction test failed BUGS
The --iso image must be on a filesystem listed in /etc/fstab. AUTHORS
Will Woods <wwoods@redhat.com> redhat-upgrade-tool 11/08/2013 REDHAT-UPGRADE-TOOL(8)

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