Operating Systems AIX [Tip] FS-Manipulation in 7.1.3-Clusters Post 302952339 by agent.kgb on Tuesday 18th of August 2015 03:09:59 AM
bakunin is right. The command imfs is not documented. The redbook is the only documentation about a lot of intermediate-level LVM commands and it is very outdated. There are some other undocumented and very useful commands in the redbook, such as ipl_varyon, getlvodm or lvlstmajor. IBM doesn't like if you know too much about AIX internals ;-)

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LVMCONF(8)																LVMCONF(8)

lvmconf - LVM configuration modifier SYNOPSIS
lvmconf [--disable-cluster] [--enable-cluster] [--file <configfile>] [--lockinglib <lib>] [--lockinglibdir <dir>] DESCRIPTION
lvmconf is a script that modifies the locking configuration in an lvm configuration file. See lvm.conf(5). OPTIONS
--disable-cluster Set locking_type to the default non-clustered type. Also reset lvmetad use to its default. --enable-cluster Set locking_type to the default clustered type on this system. Also disable lvmetad use as it is not yet supported in clustered environment. --file <configfile> Apply the changes to configfile instead of the default /etc/lvm/lvm.conf. --lockinglib <lib> Set external locking_library locking library to load if an external locking type is used. --lockinglibdir <dir> FILES
/etc/lvm/lvm.conf SEE ALSO
lvm(8), lvm.conf(5) Red Hat, Inc LVM TOOLS 2.02.105(2)-RHEL7 (2014-03-26) LVMCONF(8)

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