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I prefer a tar file of the old posts (only the shell script programming section), if possible. What's in my mind are:
  1. those can be viewed off-line;
  2. make a collection of the good examples as a handy reference.
Thought this could be done easily, but not sure the possibility.

Thanks anyway!

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DPATCH-LIST-PATCH(1)					      General Commands Manual					      DPATCH-LIST-PATCH(1)

dpatch-list-patch - List available patches SYNOPSIS
dpatch-list-patch [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the dpatch-list-patch command which simply lists the available patches in a dpatch-based source tree together with their accompanying comments. WARNING
dpatch is deprecated, please switch to the `3.0 (quilt)' Debian source package format instead. See Src3.0#FAQ for a short guide on how to do it. OPTIONS
Without any options dpatch-list-patch will list the patches in the current source tree. -s, --sourcedir Source directory. Defaults to . -h, --help Show summary of options. SEE ALSO
dpatch(1), dpatch(7), dpatch.make(7), dpatch-edit-patch(1), dpatch-convert-diffgz(1) Files in /usr/share/doc/dpatch/ AUTHOR
dpatch-list-patch was written by Junichi Uekawa <>. This manual page was written by Gergely Nagy <>. DPATCH
Dec 13, 2011 DPATCH-LIST-PATCH(1)

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