Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Moving files from parent path to multiple child path using bash in efficient way Post 302942917 by Chubler_XL on Monday 4th of May 2015 12:32:05 AM
You man have some more success using rsync perhaps like this:

$ rsync -a --remove-source-files /Path/AdminUser/ /Path

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Bootloader::Path(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       Bootloader::Path(3)

Bootloader::Path - abstraction of path constants PREFACE
This package provides path for configuration files. It is used to enable testing on created chroot. It is used only for internal purpose. SYNOPSIS
"use Bootloader::Path;" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Prefix ($path);" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Logname();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Fstab();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Sysconfig();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_menulst();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_devicemap();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_grubconf();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_grub();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Elilo_conf();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Elilo_efi();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Elilo_elilo();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Lilo_lilo();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Lilo_conf();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Zipl_conf();" "$path = Bootloader::Path::Zipl_zipl();" DESCRIPTION
"$path = Bootloader::Path::Prefix ($);" Add to absolute path prefix. Only internal function. Allways retuns correct value. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Logname();" Gets logname path. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Fstab();" Gets fstab path. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Sysconfig();" Gets path for bootloader sysconfig. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_menulst();" Gets path for grub configuration file menu.lst. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_devicemap();" Gets path for grub configuration file "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_grubconf();" Gets path for grub configuration file grub.conf (this file contains commands for initialize bootloader). "$path = Bootloader::Path::Grub_grub();" Gets path for grub binary "$path = Bootloader::Path::Elilo_conf();" Gets path of elilo configuration file. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Elilo_efi();" Gets path to efi directory. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Elilo_elilo();" Gets path to elilo binary. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Lilo_lilo();" Gets path to lilo(or powerlilo) binary. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Lilo_conf();" Gets path to lilo(or powerlilo) configuration file. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Zipl_conf();" Gets path to zipl configuration file. "$path = Bootloader::Path::Zipl_zipl();" Gets path to zipl binary. perl v5.12.1 2010-05-14 Bootloader::Path(3)

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