"Help parsing log from vertical to horizontal line"

Post #302936815 by justbow on Saturday 28th of February 2015 03:47:49 AM

Originally Posted by Don Cragun
Is there some reason why these lines should have been deleted from the output?
Thank you Don.. its should be printed but i miss it.
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Prima::ScrollWidget - scrollable generic document widget. DESCRIPTION
"Prima::ScrollWidget" is a simple class that declares two pairs of properties, delta and limit for vertical and horizontal axes, which define a a virtual document. limit is the document dimension, and delta is the current offset. "Prima::ScrollWidget" is a descendant of "Prima::GroupScroller", and, as well as its ascendant, provides same user navigation by two scrollbars. The scrollbars' "partial" and "whole" properties are maintained if the document or widget extensions change. API
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