"Help parsing log from vertical to horizontal line"

Post #302936733 by justbow on Friday 27th of February 2015 09:26:27 AM

a little bit different but still doesnt work.

awk '/recordOpeningTime \:/ {ts=$3}
     /servedMSISDN \:/ {print ts", "$3; ts="" }
     /ratingGroup \:/ {print ts", "$3; ts="" }
     /datavolumeFBCUplink \:/ {print ts", "$3; ts="" }
     /datavolumeFBCDownlink \:/ {print ts", "$3; ts="" }'

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CGlue(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 						 CGlue(3U)

CGlue - connector glue SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/cglue.h> DESCRIPTION
CGlue defines a natural size, elasticity (its rate of stretching and shrinking relative to other CGlue), and deformation limits (total amount it can stretch and shrink) in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. CGlue can be interposed between two connected connectors to augment their connectivity semantics; it acts like two non-linear springs, one horizontal and one vertical, connecting the connectors' centers. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
CGlue( float hnat = 0, float vnat = 0, float hshr = 0, float hstr = 0, float vshr = 0, float vstr = 0, float hshrlim = 0, float hstrlim = 0, float vshrlim = 0, float vstrlim = 0 ) CGlue(const Shape&) Instantiate CGlue, providing the requisite parameters explicitly or inferring them from a Shape object. If a shape is supplied, then the CGlue adopts the shape's natural size, and it assigns the shape's stretchability and shrinkability values to its corre- sponding CGlue elasticity members to obtain a proportionately equivalent elasticity. It also assigns the shape's stretchability and shrinkability values to its deformation limit members. The parameters are described below: hnat, vnat: horizontal and vertical natural sizes, screen units hshr, vshr: horizontal and vertical shrinking rate, constant units hstr, vstr: horizontal and vertical stretching rate, constant units hshrlim, vshrlim: horizontal and vertical shrink limit, screen units hstrlim, vstrlim: horizontal and vertical stretch limit, screen units CGlue* Copy() Create a copy of this CGlue instance. void Rigid() Set all elasticity and deformation limits equal to zero. void Interpose(const CGlue* glue) Change this instance's attributes to reflect the series combination of this and glue. SEE ALSO
Connector(3U), Shape(3I) Unidraw 23 November 1990 CGlue(3U)

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