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Special Forums Hardware ZOTAC NANO AD12...now a paperweight (power prob.) Post 302930204 by blackrageous on Wednesday 31st of December 2014 11:08:56 AM
Old 12-31-2014
ZOTAC NANO AD12...now a paperweight (power prob.)

I have a ZOTAC NANO AD12 that won't power on. The AC Adapter is ok and provides the required 19V. Only tips I found on the web were to unplug the cmos battery. That did not help. I did not have the unit very long and this happened some time ago so I just set the unit aside (until last night). Anybody have any tips or documentation.

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GIT-PACK-REFS(1)						    Git Manual							  GIT-PACK-REFS(1)

git-pack-refs - Pack heads and tags for efficient repository access SYNOPSIS
git pack-refs [--all] [--no-prune] DESCRIPTION
Traditionally, tips of branches and tags (collectively known as refs) were stored one file per ref in a (sub)directory under $GIT_DIR/refs directory. While many branch tips tend to be updated often, most tags and some branch tips are never updated. When a repository has hundreds or thousands of tags, this one-file-per-ref format both wastes storage and hurts performance. This command is used to solve the storage and performance problem by storing the refs in a single file, $GIT_DIR/packed-refs. When a ref is missing from the traditional $GIT_DIR/refs directory hierarchy, it is looked up in this file and used if found. Subsequent updates to branches always create new files under $GIT_DIR/refs directory hierarchy. A recommended practice to deal with a repository with too many refs is to pack its refs with --all --prune once, and occasionally run git pack-refs --prune. Tags are by definition stationary and are not expected to change. Branch heads will be packed with the initial pack-refs --all, but only the currently active branch heads will become unpacked, and the next pack-refs (without --all) will leave them unpacked. OPTIONS
--all The command by default packs all tags and refs that are already packed, and leaves other refs alone. This is because branches are expected to be actively developed and packing their tips does not help performance. This option causes branch tips to be packed as well. Useful for a repository with many branches of historical interests. --no-prune The command usually removes loose refs under $GIT_DIR/refs hierarchy after packing them. This option tells it not to. BUGS
Older documentation written before the packed-refs mechanism was introduced may still say things like ".git/refs/heads/<branch> file exists" when it means "branch <branch> exists". GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 06/10/2014 GIT-PACK-REFS(1)

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