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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Array Element Post 302927833 by sea on Friday 5th of December 2014 09:41:39 PM
Old 12-05-2014
You could also use a conf file for all those entries....
Even if it looks as simple as this:

While just reading from such a file is very easy using IFS="=" and a while read, any kind of 'dynamic' reading of a certain variable might become more complex.

There is the option to save each entry into a single file.

I just had help to avoid shell injection with my scripts regarding conf file modification Reading and Writing a conf file - Suggestions and improvements?.

Their function:
# List all variables (NOT values!)
tui-conf-get -l "FILE"

# Get value
tui-conf-get "FILE" "VAR"

# Set value
tui-conf-set "FILE" "VAR" "VAL"

Maybe they could be of help?

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JE::Object::Array(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    JE::Object::Array(3pm)

JE::Object - JavaScript Array object class SYNOPSIS
use JE; use JE::Object::Array; $j = new JE; $js_array = new JE::Object::Array $j, 1, 2, 3; $perl_arrayref = $js_array->value; # returns [1, 2, 3] $js_array->[1]; # same as $js_array->value->[1] "$js_array"; # returns "1,2,3" DESCRIPTION
This module implements JavaScript Array objects. The "@{}" (array ref) operator is overloaded and returns a tied array that you can use to modify the array object itself. The limitations and caveats mentioned in "JE::Object/"USING AN OBJECT AS A HASH"" apply here, too. METHODS
See JE::Types for descriptions of most of the methods. Only what is specific to JE::Object::Array is explained here. $a = JE::Object::Array->new($global_obj, @elements) $a = JE::Object::Array->new($global_obj, $length) $a = JE::Object::Array->new($global_obj, @elements) This creates a new Array object. If the second argument is an unblessed array ref, the elements of that array become the elements of the new array object. If there are two arguments and the second is a JE::Number, a new array is created with that number as the length. Otherwise, all arguments starting from the second one become elements of the new array object. $a->value This returns a reference to an array. This is a copy of the Array object's internal array. If you want an array through which you can modify the object, use @$a. SEE ALSO
JE JE::Types JE::Object perl v5.14.2 2012-03-18 JE::Object::Array(3pm)

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