Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems Unable to recover my password Post 302927098 by Vennila on Monday 1st of December 2014 03:35:36 AM
Unable to recover my password

Hi team,

My Member Id is : 'Nila' and I forgot my password. I have tried to recover it from "Forgotten your password" link. But its not accepting my mail id which is valid. (

Please help me to recover/change my password to login.

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LOGIN(1)						      General Commands Manual							  LOGIN(1)

login - sign on SYNOPSIS
login [ username ] DESCRIPTION
The login command is used when a user initially signs on, or it may be used at any time to change from one user to another. The latter case is the one summarized above and described here. See `How to Get Started' for how to dial up initially. If login is invoked without an argument, it asks for a user name, and, if appropriate, a password. Echoing is turned off (if possible) during the typing of the password, so it will not appear on the written record of the session. After a successful login, accounting files are updated and the user is informed of the existence of .mail and message-of-the-day files. Login initializes the user and group IDs and the working directory, then executes a command interpreter (usually sh(1)) according to speci- fications found in a password file. Argument 0 of the command interpreter is `-sh. Login is recognized by sh(1) and executed directly (without forking). FILES
/etc/utmp accounting /usr/adm/wtmp accounting /usr/mail/* mail /etc/motd message-of-the-day /etc/passwd password file SEE ALSO
init(8), newgrp(1), getty(8), mail(1), passwd(1), passwd(5) DIAGNOSTICS
`Login incorrect,' if the name or the password is bad. `No Shell', `cannot open password file', `no directory': consult a programming counselor. LOGIN(1)

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