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I am able to get only the outputs as showing there is file difference and additional file present in D2 i need to print the difference like how it can be achieved in respective log
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Hi, Is there a way (either commands/tools/scripts/logic) to compare two given folders on different unix boxes. I want to compare folder a in Unix box 'A' with folder 'b' in Unix box 'B'. I can run the script in Unix box 'A'. I am looking. for following results: files/sub folders only in a... (1 Reply)
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To compare selective file in different folders

Hello, I am using dircmp -d <folde1> <Folder2> to compare the files from two different foldes, but this command compares for all the files. Is there any option to select only some files for comparision. For example in Folder1: file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt Folder2 file1.txt file2.txt... (0 Replies)
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Hello, I try to compare 2 folders, i explain, i have file in this 2 folder and i want to print out the difference in this folders... ex: folder1: file1 file2 file3 folder2: file1 file2 print file3 I do a ls of the 2 folders and i use the command diff (diff $var1 $var2) without... (8 Replies)
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split file content into specific folders

Hi I have a large text file and I want to split its content into multiple flies. this large file contains several blocks of codes separated by a comment line for each block. this comment line represents a directory path So, when separate these blocks each into a separate file, This output... (7 Replies)
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Bash selective copy folders and content to another location

I'm looking for a bash scrypt to copy some folders and some of the content to another location. I'm a teacher and very noobish with programming language anyway what I'm looking for , I have this director structure Main director "Students" with subfolders "john";"daisy";"work" etc .. and some of... (2 Replies)
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Ksh: how compare content of a file with an other array

Hi, I created a skript in ksh which generate a file with semicolon as separator, this is an example of the file a created: example content file: hello;AAAA;2014-08-17 hello;BBBB;2014-08-17 hello;CCCC;2014-08-17 I would need to compare the content in of the second column of this file... (3 Replies)
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Move multiple files 4rm Source to different target folders based on a series num in the file content

Dear Experts my scenario is as follows... I have one source folder "Source" and 2 target folders "Target_123456" & "Target_789101". I have 2 series of files. 123456 series and 789101 series. Each series has got 3 types of fiels "Debit", "Refund", "Claims". All files are getting... (17 Replies)
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Compare & print content of file which is not matching

Hi All I want to compare 2 files using awk and get output of content which is not matching I have 2 files a.txt 123 456 780 143 b.txt A|B|C|167|D|E C|K|D|123|D|E A|B|D|789|G|F C|D|G|143|A|B Not matching line from b.txt O/P A|B|C|167|D|E A|B|D|789|G|F (3 Replies)
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Script to compare files in 2 folders and delete the large file

Hello, my first thread here. I've been searching and fiddling around for about a week and I cannot find a solution.:confused: I have been converting all of my home videos to HEVC and sometimes the files end up smaller and sometimes they don't. I am currently comparing all the video files... (5 Replies)
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bup-margin(1)						      General Commands Manual						     bup-margin(1)

bup-margin - figure out your deduplication safety margin SYNOPSIS
bup margin [options...] DESCRIPTION
bup margin iterates through all objects in your bup repository, calculating the largest number of prefix bits shared between any two entries. This number, n, identifies the longest subset of SHA-1 you could use and still encounter a collision between your object ids. For example, one system that was tested had a collection of 11 million objects (70 GB), and bup margin returned 45. That means a 46-bit hash would be sufficient to avoid all collisions among that set of objects; each object in that repository could be uniquely identified by its first 46 bits. The number of bits needed seems to increase by about 1 or 2 for every doubling of the number of objects. Since SHA-1 hashes have 160 bits, that leaves 115 bits of margin. Of course, because SHA-1 hashes are essentially random, it's theoretically possible to use many more bits with far fewer objects. If you're paranoid about the possibility of SHA-1 collisions, you can monitor your repository by running bup margin occasionally to see if you're getting dangerously close to 160 bits. OPTIONS
--predict Guess the offset into each index file where a particular object will appear, and report the maximum deviation of the correct answer from the guess. This is potentially useful for tuning an interpolation search algorithm. --ignore-midx don't use .midx files, use only .idx files. This is only really useful when used with --predict. EXAMPLE
$ bup margin Reading indexes: 100.00% (1612581/1612581), done. 40 40 matching prefix bits 1.94 bits per doubling 120 bits (61.86 doublings) remaining 4.19338e+18 times larger is possible Everyone on earth could have 625878182 data sets like yours, all in one repository, and we would expect 1 object collision. $ bup margin --predict PackIdxList: using 1 index. Reading indexes: 100.00% (1612581/1612581), done. 915 of 1612581 (0.057%) SEE ALSO
bup-midx(1), bup-save(1) BUP
Part of the bup(1) suite. AUTHORS
Avery Pennarun <>. Bup unknown- bup-margin(1)

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