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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers How to downgrade cygwin to a part. version? Post 302920532 by lucky7456969 on Thursday 9th of October 2014 09:47:28 PM
How to downgrade cygwin to a part. version?

I'd like to compile gxemul under cygwin, Here a nice guy who ported the source code, but the prerequisites are needing the exact versions of the libraries If I download the setup.exe from canonical cygwin web site, it automatically installs me the latest versions of all the libraries, compilers and stuff, How can I target the libraries to a particular version. Thanks Jack
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Hi I am looking for some info in order to be able to downgrade from to . I have found out it is possible but need to know how - has anyone done it or know where to get the info as to how to much appreciated Patrick Duplicate post. Closed. (0 Replies)
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Hi I am trying to downgrade a ds4800 from firmware level to apologies think I might have already posted this in th wrong forum - 1st time - so please be gentle your help would be greatly appreciated regards Patrick Boyle (2 Replies)
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mkbundle(mkbundle 1.0)													    mkbundle(mkbundle 1.0)

mkbundle, mkbundle2 - Creates a bundled executable. SYNOPSIS
mkbundle [options] assembly1 [assembly2 ...] DESCRIPTION
mkbundle generates an executable program that will contain static copies of the assemblies listed on the command line. By default only the assemblies specified in the command line will be included in the bundle. To automatically include all of the dependencies referenced, use the "--deps" command line option. Use mkbundle when you want the startup runtime to load the 1.0 profile, and use mkbundle2 when you want the startup runtime to load the 2.0 profile. For example, to create a bundle for hello world, use the following command: $ mkbundle -o hello hello.exe The above will pull hello.exe into a native program called "hello". Notice that the produced image still contains the CIL image and no precompilation is done. In addition, it is possible to control whether mkbundle should compile the resulting executable or not with the -c option. This is useful if you want to link additional libraries or control the generated output in more detail. For example, this could be used to link some libraries statically: $ mkbundle -c -o host.c -oo bundles.o --deps hello.exe $ cc host.c bundles.o /usr/lib/libmono.a -lc -lrt You may also use mkbundle to generate a bundle you can use when embedding the Mono runtime in a native application. In that case, use both the -c and --nomain options. The resulting host.c file will not have a main() function. Call mono_mkbundle_init() before initializing the JIT in your code so that the bundled assemblies are available to the embedded runtime. OPTIONS
-c Produce the stub file, do not compile the resulting stub. -o filename Places the output on `out'. If the flag -c is specified, this is the C host program. If not, this contains the resulting exe- cutable. -oo filename Specifies the name to be used for the helper object file that contains the bundle. -L path Adds the `path' do the search list for assemblies. The rules are the same as for the compiler -lib: or -L flags. Specifies that a machine.config file must be bundled as well. Typically this is $prefix/etc/mono/1.0/machine.config or $prefix/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config depending on the profile that you are using (1.0 or 2.0) --nodeps This is the default: mkbundle will only include the assemblies that were specified on the command line to reduce the size of the resulting image created. --deps This option will bundle all of the referenced assemblies for the assemblies listed on the command line option. This is useful to distribute a self-contained image. --keeptemp By default mkbundle will delete the temporary files that it uses to produce the bundle. This option keeps the file around. --machine-config FILE Uses the given FILE as the machine.config file for the generated application. --nomain With the -c option, generate the host stub without a main() function. --config-dir DIR When passed, DIR will be set for the MONO_CFG_DIR environment variable --static By default mkbundle dynamically links to mono and glib. This option causes it to statically link instead. Important: Since the Mono runtime is licensed under the LGPL, even if you use static you should transfer the component pieces of the mkbundle to your users so they are able to upgrade the Mono runtime on their own. If you want to use this for commercial licenses, you must obtain a proprietary license for Mono from -z Compresses the assemblies before embedding. This results in smaller executable files, but increases startup time and requires zlib to be installed on the target system. WINDOWS
On Windows systems, it it necessary to have Unix-like toolchain to be installed for mkbundle to work. You can use cygwin's and install gcc, gcc-mingw and as packages. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
AS Assembler command. The default is "as". CC C compiler command. The default is "cc" under Linux and "gcc -mno-cygwin" under Windows. MONO_BUNDLED_OPTIONS Options to be passed to the bundled Mono runtime, separated by spaces. See the mono(1) manual page or run mono --help. FILES
This program will load referenced assemblies from the Mono assembly cache. BUGS
The option "--static" is not supported under Windows. Moreover, a full cygwin environment containing at least "gcc" and "as" is required for the build process. The generated executable does not depend on cygwin. MAILING LISTS
Visit for details. WEB SITE
Visit: for details SEE ALSO
mcs(1),mono(1),mono-config(5). mkbundle(mkbundle 1.0)

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