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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris scripting problem with ksh88 Post 302916487 by gfroute on Wednesday 10th of September 2014 08:57:08 AM
Old 09-10-2014
Solaris scripting problem with ksh88


I want to pick a random element from a list, and created these 2 lines, which work very well in ksh93. Unfortunately, I get this "bad substitution" message in ksh88.

I'm wondering if there's an equivalent to the second line of my script.. or if I have to install ksh93 to make this work.

Here are my lines:



Thanks in advance

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SHCOMP(1)						    User Environment Utilities							 SHCOMP(1)

shcomp - compile a ksh93 shell script SYNOPSIS
shcomp [ options ] [infile] [outfile]] ORIGIN OF THIS MAN PAGE
This man page was written by Christophe Martin <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system. It is based on "shcomp --man" output. DESCRIPTION
Unless -D is specified, shcomp takes a shell script, infile, and creates a binary format file, outfile, that ksh93 can read and execute with the same effect as the original script. Since aliases are processed as the script is read, alias definitions whose value requires variable expansion will not work correctly. If -D is specified, all double quoted strings that are preceded by $ are output. These are the messages that need to be translated to locale specific versions for internationalization. If outfile is omitted, then the results will be written to standard output. If infile is also omitted, the shell script will be read from standard input. OPTIONS
-D, --dictionary Generate a list of strings that need to be placed in a message catalog for internationalization. -n, --noexec Displays warning messages for obsolete or non-conforming constructs. -v, --verbose Displays input from infile onto standard error as it reads it. --man Displays this man page on standard error and exits. --help Shows a short help message and exits. EXIT STATUS
0 Successful completion. >0 An error occurred. DEBIAN WARNING
On a Debian GNU/Linux system, more than one package may provide ksh. the output of shcomp can only be used by ksh93. Any other ksh will be unable to run the compiled script. EXAMPLE
( echo '#! /bin/ksh93' ; shcomp myscript ) > myscript.bin && chmod 755 myscript.bin ./myscript.bin SEE ALSO
version shcomp (AT&T Labs Research) 2012-02-29 author David Korn <> copyright Copyright (c) 1982-2012 AT&T Intellectual Property license KSH93 Fri Jun 3 2005 SHCOMP(1)

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