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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Running scripts without a hashbang - ksh anomaly? Post 302911162 by DGPickett on Wednesday 30th of July 2014 12:08:08 PM
Old 07-30-2014
The man page for the execvp() call tells what happend to scripts without a #!. They go to sh stdin usually. Permissions bits have no effect on the process except it must not be no read.

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BOGOLEXER(1)															      BOGOLEXER(1)

bogolexer - Utility program for separating email messages into tokens SYNOPSIS
bogolexer [-p] [-q] [-h] [-n] [-v] [-x flags] [-c file] [-C] [-D] [-I file] [-O file] [-V] DESCRIPTION
Bogolexer is part of the bogofilter Bayesian spam filter package. It is used to separate messages into tokens and to test new versions of the lexer.l code. OPTIONS
The -p option tells bogolexer to print just the tokens read from stdin, without any extra messages. The -q option tells bogolexer to print a token count, without printing the actual tokens. The -h option prints the help message and exits. The -n option tells bogolexer to map non-ascii characters to the question point '?'. The -v option increases the verbosity level. The -x flags option allows setting of debug flags for printing debug messages. The -cfilename option tells bogolexer to read the config file named. The -C option prevents bogolexer from reading configuration files. The -D option redirects the debugging output to stdout (it defaults to stderr). The -I filename option tells bogolexer to read its input from the specified file, rather than from stdin. The -O filename option tells bogolexer to write its output to the specified file, rather than to stdout. The -V option prints the version number and exits. AUTHOR
The bogofilter developer team. For updates, see [1] the bogofilter project page. SEE ALSO
bogofilter(1), bogotune(1), bogoupgrade(1), bogoutil(1) REFERENCES
1. the bogofilter project page http://bogofilter.sourceforge.net/ 07/23/2007 BOGOLEXER(1)

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