Operating Systems AIX VIOS - fibre adapters not seeing luns Post 302903346 by -=XrAy=- on Tuesday 27th of May 2014 04:38:50 AM

here some hints:

- Did you used the same switch ports in the data center?
- (if not) Did you checked the speed, fillword, NPIV settings for the used switch ports?
- See your storage admin your wwns as 'logged in'?
- Maybe you musst reenable a logged out server adapter on storage level (i don't know which Storage you use)

Can you please post the output from following commands:
fcstat <fcsX>        # for both adapters
lscfg -vl <hdiskX>   # for one of the disk with a failed path


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scconf_transp_adap_sci - configure the sci cluster transport adapter DESCRIPTION
Note - Beginning with the Sun Cluster 3.2 release, Sun Cluster software includes an object-oriented command set. Although Sun Cluster software still supports the original command set, Sun Cluster procedural documentation uses only the object-oriented command set. For more infor- mation about the object-oriented command set, see the Intro(1CL) man page. You can configure sci SCI-PCI adapters as cluster transport adapters. These adapters can be used with the dlpi transport type. The adapter name is sciN, for example, sci0. Do not use scidN as the adapter name. An sci adapter can only be connected to another sci adapter or to an SCI switch. When an sci adapter is connected to an SCI switch, it is important that you specify the correct port name when referring to a port on the switch as an endpoint argument to the scconf or scinstall utility. The port name must match the port number on the SCI switch (the number that is printed on the switch itself). Failure to give the correct port name could result in the operation failing. The result of providing an incorrect port name will be the same as you would see if the cable between the adapter and the switch were removed. There are no user-configurable properties for cluster transport adapters of this type. SEE ALSO
Intro(1CL), clinterconnect(1CL), clnode(1CL), scconf(1M), scconf_transp_jct_dolphinswitch(1M), scinstall(1M) Sun Cluster 3.2 4 May 2006 scconf_transp_adap_sci(1M)

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